You Are His Dearest Friend

“Don’t be afraid of missing out. You’re my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself” (Luke 12:32, MSG).

This verse comes as the conclusion of Jesus’ marvelous teaching on the subject of worry. Having pointed out that our Father feeds the birds and clothes the flowers lavishly, He comes to this. Our Daddy God not only wants to take care of our basic physical needs. He wants to give us the very kingdom.

What is the kingdom? “…The kingdom of God is… righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17, NKJV). So, not only will the Father be wonderfully attentive to everything your body needs… but He also will supply everything that your spirit needs, that you may live with a supply of peace and joy that is just as consistent as the food and clothing that He provides for you.

A story from Corrie ten Boom reminds me of this truth. It so impacted me years ago, I have now passed it onto my children. In it, she shares one of her childhood memories. At that time, her little girl heart was grappling with the concept of death. She asked her dear father how she would ever be able to handle it when his time were to come. He gently replied by asking her, “Corrie, when we ride the train, when do I give you your ticket? Is it well before we are to get on board?”

Corrie answered, “No, Father. You give me my ticket right when we are going to get on the train.” With a wise and loving smile, he then concluded, “In the same way, when something difficult happens in your life, that is when your heavenly Father will give you the strength that you need. At just the right time. Not before.”

Corrie needed to trust that her heavenly Daddy would take even better care of her than her earthly daddy would. So do you and I. Whatever is coming tomorrow, He is already there. He has already provided. You will have what you need. Whether it is food or clothing, or supernatural peace and strength, you will have it.

Knowing that, don’t try to be in the future today. You are not there yet. Sufficient are the challenges of right now… and more than enough is His supply.

Remember, you are His dearest friend. He is overjoyed to give you the kingdom itself. So don’t be afraid!


Jesus pointed out that the flowers of the field will get thrown into the oven tomorrow. So why does our Father bother to make them so pretty, with such intricate detail? What does this behavior of His communicate to our hearts?


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