Like a Child

How are you doing in the “childlike wonder” department this Christmas season? Today’s featured song is all about this subject. It’s “Christmas Like a Child,” from one of my favorite holiday albums, by Third Day. For all my previous Advent devos, I have included the words to the carols Holy Spirit has put on my heart to highlight each day. This one, however, is not in the public domain, so instead I will share the link with you. Would you give it a listen with me? Here it is:

Christmas like a child. Do you remember what it was like? Did Christmas stir wonder in your heart during your early years? What sticks out in your mind as the most important factors that made it so?

What if we ask Holy Spirit to empower us to live… right now… with childlike wonder? I am thinking of Jesus’ words about this: “I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. Otherwise, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 18:3, NCV). If He is telling us we need to change to become like children, it’s because we once lived as children, and we don’t anymore. We have changed away from childlikeness. He is calling us back to it.

Somewhere along the line, we have internalized a false sense of responsibility for carrying our own world on our shoulders. He is lovingly inviting us to relinquish this unnecessary weight. As I was praying the other day, He whispered to me, “A childlike perspective is the accurate perspective. In My presence, you really are that small. I really am that much bigger, that much wiser, that much more powerful than you. And I am completely in charge.”

When we change and become like children, we regain the simplicity of being small. We come to understand that this life is all about what He’s doing and how we can follow along. You know my friend, a child’s role is really very simple.

This Christmas, let’s just hold our Daddy’s hand and happily go where He goes. Let’s allow Him to carry the weight of the world on His own shoulders. “For a child has been born to us, a son has been given to us. He shoulders responsibility…” (Is. 9:6, NET).

And, like little kids, let’s joyfully anticipate all the good gifts He has for us up ahead!


What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory? How have you replicated some of those treasures with your own children, or other children in your life?


18 thoughts on “Like a Child

  1. Well said. I love walking with young children because they stop and look at the littlest things. They cause me to appreciate the smallest details in life. May our childlike faith fill us with wonder this Christmas.

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  2. Thanks for the music……I love Third Day. In this season of wonder…….I am trying to look at all of it with “new eyes” but mostly to HONOR JESUS and to read HIS story over and over in the Gospels especially in LUKE 2. Oh what a wonder that night was. Let us try to walk into that story and imagine ourselves there. GOD is so amazing!

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      1. I love walking into the story over and over and never get tired of it. Must be the Holy Spirit that allows that to happen. Cause don’t we get tired of hearing other stories over and over?

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      2. Haha I know I do! I always tell my kids I need a long break from any given book before reading it to them again. And I hardly ever want to watch the same movie twice. But the precious stories of the Bible are fresh every time, brimming with life!

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      3. YES I do love the living WORD and how you can read and reread a passage over and over and always see something new. It is truly amazing to me all of the time. Dear LORD may we NEVER take the precious WORD for granted!!

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