A Testimony from My Childhood

My sister and I in front of our new house in Tucson (I’m on the right)

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives” (Ps. 37:23, NLT).

For today’s post, I have something a little different for you. My mom recently shared this story with me. It’s about the amazing way God arranged the details when we moved to Tucson when I was eight. I hadn’t heard it before, and thought it was just so cool! These are her words (John is my dad’s name):

“We were living in New York, and we wanted to move to the western US in order to raise our family in a stronger spiritual environment.  At that time, the churches and children’s ministry were pretty weak.  John was working for IBM, and we were praying about where to go.

“John went to Tucson for a business trip during the winter and came back speaking positively about Tucson.  I suddenly had a prompting from the Holy Spirit that this was where we needed to go, so I asked John if he also had thought about that.  As I suggested it, he also bore witness.  At that time, we had a house in West Virginia we had been unable to sell for years.

“John began enquiring about jobs in IBM Tucson, and no one he knew was able to help.  We believed that God was leading us in that direction, and yet there was no open door.  We decided to pray in faith, not only that we would move there, but I felt led to further stretch our faith by asking for a specific move date.

“We all began praying for that specific date. Others discouraged us from doing so with the argument that it would not be good for the children if it did not happen. John felt led to go on a one month fast. On the day his fast ended, he got a call from a manager in Tucson asking if he was still interested. He had found his “Jacket,” and found that he was a prefect fit for what was needed.

“However, there was a corporate freeze on transfers.  He had to go through a lengthy process of appealing all the way to the level of a vice president to get it approved.  In the meantime, Dad had a business trip to California, and during that trip, he visited the minister who had strongly discipled us in Colorado. During that visit, he met a woman who was visiting the minister’s wife from Tucson.  The woman was named Carol.

“When she heard that John might be moving to Tucson, she offered to host us when he would come for an interview.  John thanked her but knew that IBM would be paying for a hotel when the time came.  When the approval came through for the transfer, there still had to be an interview.  John flew to Tucson for the interview, and I urged him to start checking out houses to facilitate the move.  He declined to do that, saying he wanted me to participate.  We had discussed what we wanted in a home.

“That evening, he decided to attend the mid-week service at church and was late in arriving.  At the same time he arrived, he ran into Carol, whom he had met in California.  He informed Carol that he would be moving, and she urged him to look at the home next door to her son’s home. It had been on the market for quite a while and the price had significantly dropped.  He looked at it and loved it.

“When he came home, I suggested we just go ahead and make an offer on it because it might not stay on the market with the price reduction.  We prayed about a price to offer, several thousand dollars less than the recent price reduction, and when we called the realtor to make the offer, her reaction was that if the offer was accepted, it would be the best deal she ad ever seen in the area, and she had specialized in that area for years.  She was not encouraging.

“However, a few hours later she called to say that the owners were excited to accept the offer.  In the meantime, our house in West Virginia sold at a price that was significantly higher than the realtor thought we could get for it.  Everything lined up, and our move date… was the day we had prayed for.”

The new house God provided. I lived here from age 8 to 21 😊


Isn’t God amazing? Do you have a story of Him leading you in unmistakable ways for major life decisions? I’d love to hear it!

33 thoughts on “A Testimony from My Childhood

  1. I love stories of God’s perfect timing!

    When to mortgage industry tanked and the US economy went south, my husband & I both lost our jobs. And for the next 3½ years neither of us had a full time job. BUT our needs were always met. We never went hungry. Our utilities were never shut off. Strangers provided the means for our kids to go to camp and participate in extracurricular activities. More than once we came home to cash in the mailbox or a bag of groceries on the porch. When those around us lost their homes to foreclosure, God found a way for ours to be saved.

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  2. The beauty of God’s tapestry never fails to amaze. As I consider all the moving parts that He brought together for your family, I thank Him again for His creativity. Add to that this brought you closer to where you are today in ministry; a ministry that has connected you with Betsy and me. God is truly awesome! I thank Him this day specifically for His perfect plans!

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    1. Once again a joyful chuckle reading that, Chuck. You are right! Because it was in our church in Tucson that our pastor friend organized the trip when I first came to Peru. Considering all the details of His tapestry weaving really does inspire awe. I am thanking Him with you!

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  3. Jennifer, I remember your home so well, as though it were yesterday. Your mom and dad invited Linda and I often. Worship time, meals together and being with those who love the Father are such fond memories. Relationships such as these, never pass away, but are stored in our hearts forever. I believe it to be such an excellent thing to “review” and give thanks for all that God has orchestrated in each of our lives. Faithfulness is proof of His ever present love. In Jesus Holy Name. Len W.

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    1. You are right Len. Remembering the countless stories and examples and treasured memories of HIs faithfulness strengthen and renew our faith. I love it that you all were a part of the beautiful tapestry He has woven!


      1. Lol I feel like I should have known that by now! My brother-in-law is Australian. I have a strong desire to make it over there sometime in this lifetime. Here in Peru Thanksgiving is not celebrated either but I have managed to import it at least to my husband’s family 😀

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  4. I’m in a season of waiting on God right now to move in out family. I know it will happen in His time but it encourages me to read this. Please pray for my family and thank you for yiur always encoueagung words❤

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    1. You are welcome, LeeAnna! And it is a delight to hear from you on here. My reply was a little slow because I was traveling, but it brings me joy, truly. I am saying a prayer right now in agreement for His beautiful and powerful movement in your family as you are waiting on Him ❤


  5. The Lord indeed orders the steps of the righteous if we invite Him into the scene. Certainly have stories like that and would share at the right time as the Lord unravels the puzzle😊

    God bless you Jennifer for sharing✨

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