Discovering Your God-Breathed Gifts

Curious Man

“For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ… Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…” (Rom. 12:4-6a, ESV).

The other day, a young lady I will call Maria asked me this: “How can I find out what my spiritual gifts are?” She is not alone in this wondering. Many, many Christians are asking the same question.

My answer to her was to share a portion of my own story. I told her about a spiritual gifts class that I took in my early twenties. A key assignment for the class was to create a diagram, using different shapes to stand for our gifts, talents, and skills. We were supposed to make that diagram represent our concept of ourselves. However, I felt somewhat at a loss.

This was because so many of the spiritual gifts on the list of possibilities were appealing to me! I wasn’t sure how to narrow it down to a set unique to me. Somehow, I came up with the best diagram that I could, and turned it in.

I explained to Maria that if I were to go about that same assignment now, nearly twenty years later, the result would be much more precise. Why? Because I’ve had two additional decades to “try on for size” many different capacities of ministry. Little by little, as I have journeyed forward, who God created me to be has become increasingly evident. This has occurred as I’ve rolled up my sleeves, put my hand to the plow, and steadily, faithfully served the Body of Christ over the years.

Today’s verse tells us that we all have differing gifts. Then it goes on to say, “Let us use them.” In other words, let’s not sit around waiting for an epiphany to hit us over the head. Instead, let’s get moving!

The more wholeheartedly you jump into God’s Kingdom, using the potential inside of you, the sooner you will begin to discover His breathtaking design for your life. You may try out five or six, or twenty different kinds of service to His Body. I guarantee you, somewhere along the way, you will find at least one or two that you profoundly enjoy.

When that happens, it’s like Holy Spirit causes one particular activity to light up and pulsate for you… because He created you for it. You will find that whatever it is, it will make you feel profoundly satisfied whenever you participate in it. Don’t give up until you find it. You were born with a great purpose inherent in your destiny. You were born to thoroughly enjoy what He created you to do. You were born to profoundly relish who He made you to be!

Psalm 37:23 tells us, “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives” (NLT). So, dear one, get to stepping! Find somewhere to serve today. Daddy God delights in every huge and tiny detail of your life. He takes enormous joy in showing you your giftings and purpose. However, He can only direct your steps if you are in forward motion. Put your hand to the plow and start serving!


If you have already found out what your spiritual gifts are, do you have anything to share with us about how you discovered them?

14 thoughts on “Discovering Your God-Breathed Gifts

  1. Remaining ever alert to the circumstances in my life and recognizing that which Spirit draws me into [some times kicking ! ]. Many years ago, my dear wife “volunteered” me to teach Sunday school at Grace for the first grade. Because of my controlling nature, I was very put off and resistive. Shortly after, I began teaching [with my wife as my aide] and continued for the next 5-years ! I and the kids were so richly blessed. Len

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    1. What a wonderful part of your legacy, Len! I know that have such a special reward in heaven for your obedience to being His blessing to those children. Thank you so much for sharing this. How is Linda’s recovery coming? I’m praying right now again for supernatural grace and peace to uphold, sustain, surround and protect you both.


  2. yes, you can only steer a moving vehicle… discerning is not easy though and sometimes we have to do many things in life that we wouldn’t choose… to find that joy in service is a wonderful joy indeed! PS I want to buy your memoirs book, but the link only allows for US residents… Any other source? x

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    1. “You can only steer a moving vehicle,” that sums it up perfectly, my sister! Thank you 🙂

      I meant to mention in my previous reply, if you wanted to set up a separate PayPal transaction, please message me through the contact form (and then let me know in the comments here that you did, because sometimes I don’t see those messages as quickly as I see my comments). Thank you again!

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  3. Over my lifetime I have discovered that Loving Him and being led by God the Holy Spirit, gifts I never knew I had, have been available as I surrendered to HIs WILL AND listened to His Voice, The more I grew to LOVE Him and learn more about Him the more my life somehow led me into ministry areas I could never have planned or thought about. I was on a team to China. Our purpose was to seek and help a group of disabled children…….GOd’s Plan became more than anyone could have pre-known. Years after When I heard Him say to me; ‘YOU will have to get out of the boat’ I had no idea that a very unusual, simple time during a flood in my home state would find me in the midst of a crisis connecting with folks and simply sowing led by HIM, love and HOPE and handing out butterflies as HIs symbol of HOPE for their future, He is the GOD Of inspiration and HIs Gifts are as varied and as unexpected as the wind which blows, He wii give all people gifts as HE determines, if they will only FOLLOW, love Him, and surrender to HIs still small Voice, YOU are all dearly LOVED.

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    1. You just made my heart smile richly, dear Faye. Thank you. I receive that love joyfully and gratefully! I so enjoyed reading about your experiences as you have journeyed in service and obedience to His call. Again, thank you!


  4. I’ve got a blog post teed up about the question you’ve asked at the end. About eighteen months ago I felt a calling to write. I’ve always loved writing but previously it had all been for me to read. I didn’t know what I would write, or who it was for, or how to go about sharing it, but I knew that was the path laid in front of me and I had to take the first step. It is still daunting, not knowing the destination of this writing journey but God is revealing the answers to me as I go.

    Thank you once again for such a thought provoking piece. 😊

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