Do You Get Him?

“But those who wish to boast should boast in this alone: that they truly know me…” (Jer. 9:24, NLT).

This weekend, I was chatting with my grandma on the phone. She was telling me about a friend of hers that she particularly enjoys. “She thinks just like I do,” Grandma said. You see, both of them are New Yorkers living in Texas. They are surrounded by wonderful, hearty Texan culture, but they will always have New York in their hearts. So they “get” each other in a way that brings them both some extra satisfaction.

Fast forward to this morning. In my quiet time, I was listening to Kari Jobe’s new song, “Your Nature.” The lyrics are beautiful, full of rich phrases like “You bring… light to the darkest spaces… God, it’s Your nature.” The whole song is an expression of the nature of God. As I sat there with Jesus, He whispered to my heart about it. He told me that He loves to be understood, just like you and I do.

How we treasure it when someone “gets” us! You know why? Because we were made in His image. We were made just like Him. Our longings reflect His longings. If we long to be known and understood, so does He. Just like we do, He treasures it when someone “gets” Him. It delights His heart when we truly connect heart-to-heart with His nature, with the essence of who He is. It brings Him immeasurable joy when we come to know that He is not an irritable, aloof God; but a tender, intimate, accessible Father.

That is what He is saying to us here in this Scripture:

“But those who wish to boast

should boast in this alone:

that they truly know me and understand that I am the Lord

who demonstrates unfailing love

and who brings justice and righteousness to the earth,

and that I delight in these things.”

(Jer. 9:24, NLT).

God is love. It’s His essence. Love is who He is. The more we “get” this, the more His heart lights up with joy!


This verse says that He wants us to understand His justice as a fundamental part of His nature. What does His justice mean to you?

Enjoy Kari Jobe’s song here:

12 thoughts on “Do You Get Him?

  1. Thank you for this lovely devotional Jennifer, it certainly tells the story well of how God wants our companionship. We can always rely on Him to tell us the truth, and to comfort us when hurting, what an awesome God! God bless you today sister.

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  2. What a great question. I often feel like HE is the only ONE who gets me. I am currently living in a household with my husband and son, so I am outnumbered so to speak! I often feel like I don’t get them! LOL. Anyway, in order to “get” GOD you have to read and search the Holy Scriptures. If we want to know HIS heart, all that HE is will be found there. Then we need to look in the mirror and let the HOLY WRIT have it’s way with us. Then like Deborah said we can walk in perfect harmony with our wonderful and gracious GOD!

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    1. Ha, I sure hear you, Maxine! My husband and son are also challenging to “get” sometimes, and I know to them I sometimes seem the same way. I guess that’s part of the challenge of any intimate relationship. The most special ones always take the most amount of work to really understand each other well. I like how you have pulled out that truth here. Thank you! Grace and peace to you in abundance today ❤ 🙂

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