37 thoughts on “Computer Problems

  1. Sorry to hear about your technical issues Pata. I think things might workout but I pray that the almighty protects your Harddrive 💾🖱💻 and all of your dignifying, digital data 👌😂

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      1. lol that’s really cool pata, I knew you would manage to get on top of things. I’m glad the situation is rectified and that you were not too terribly set-back.

        Sometimes finding the right PC to do what you need to do can be a tricky one but for the type of work you do, these days there are more than enough reasonable options 👍👍😄

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      2. aww I truly felt that too my friend. His guidance and care truly does go above and beyond — practically omnificent in it’s reach and resolve.

        It is certainly not halfhearted like monetized “insurance” these days, which really just adds insult to injury 🤣🤣. But that’s a whole other topic hahaa

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      3. lol exactly pata. His “insurance” doesn’t feel like it’s just another name for taxes haha.

        In his NAME, we are enlightened and enriched. Whereas, in the instance of the world, we are always indebted and paying a price that wages in the name of sin.

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      4. Hahaha amen pata 👌🙏😂. I like how you put it; that is very true lol.

        “Paying” attention to the Father’s superior spiritual economics; saves time, saves money, and more importantly, saves lives! 😂

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      5. lol YES Jennifer. If you can hear my jovial cackle at your remake, you would think it’s the force of GOD descending from the sky to laugh with me 🤣🤣

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      6. Hahaa on the subject of economics, I guess all “credit” goes to GOD for giving us these moments of humor — only him can give us these delightful times in the littlest of matters ✌️🙌🙏😄

        P.S: I meant “Remark” not “Remake” 😂

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      7. You are welcome Jennifer, I am delighted to always interact with you lol. And thanks keeping me safe because by sitting here reading your terrific thoughts, i’m not out by the coronavirus 😂

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  2. I’m confident that the Lord will bring forth a message from this…..
    Technology may disappoint, falter, and even fail, but God and His word, doesn’t…

    The grass withers, the flower fades,
    but the word of our God will stand (last and work) forever…Isaiah 40:8


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