A Wonderful New Study Bible

Hi everyone! This post is going to be different than my usual devos – I’m going to share with you about a new study Bible that I am enjoying. It’s the NIV Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition.

I received this Bible as a free gift, as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, in exchange for my agreement that I would share on my blog my thoughts about it. I think this is a pretty wonderful arrangement! As I’ve been pouring over the pages, I’ve been savoring the excitement that always comes to me with having a brand new Bible.

Here are the particular characteristics that I’m really loving about this one:

  • The design. It’s got a neat two-color look that make the pages attractive. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours with a book, you want it to be pleasant for your eyes. This is.
  • Feature: “A Harmony of the Gospels.” The LASB has a comprehensive list of every single aspect and event of Jesus’ life, organized in a wonderful chart that puts them in chronological order and shows you where they are to be found in the gospels. This is a great tool for seeing the overall picture of His time on earth, and how the four gospels flow together in portraying it. It also will allow the reader to easily find any given story about Jesus without needing to flip through a bunch of pages to do so.
  • The Preface. I don’t remember ever finding a study Bible preface fascinating before, but this one was for me. The writers explained their translation philosophy and how they made their decisions about what language to use in their renderings. This really helped me appreciate the changes that have been made to the NIV. I will admit that having grown up on this version of the Bible, it often happens that when I read one of the verses modified from the previous editions, I miss the original wording. The explanation given here helps me understand the “why.” (This section was also particularly interesting to me as someone with a Bachelor’s in Linguistics.)
  • The study notes strike me as very insightful, inspired, and relevant to our lives today in this moment of history. They are tailored to help people apply the Word to everyday life.
  • Personality Profiles. Throughout the text, located in the context of their stories, the LASB inserts descriptions of Bible characters. These profiles do a nice job bringing to light the strengths and weaknesses of each individual highlighted, as well as their contributions and insights.

I am impressed with this study Bible.  I believe it will be a blessing in many lives, helping people develop their love relationship with the Father and falling more in love with His Word. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to review it. Thank you, Bible Gateway!


2 thoughts on “A Wonderful New Study Bible

    1. It really is amazing what is available to us, my sister. I was listening to a report recently of some Chinese brothers and sisters with joyful tears streaming down their cheeks when they received a copy of an entire Bible, as before that, they had been sharing single pages among themselves, a family keeping a certain page for given time period and then trading it with the page another family had, and so on. How precious are the abundance of Bibles at our hands!

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