God Wants to Talk to You

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“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears…” (Isa. 50:4-5, NIV).

Yesterday I shared with you how Holy Spirit was talking to me about a seed that I found on the ground in the jungle. Here’s another thought about that. God was the One who put that seed there in my path. My husband tells me that we don’t have trees like the one it came from on our jungle property. The wind brought it from somewhere beyond our property line. Daddy directed the wind in a precise way so that I would discover His message to me, lying on the ground in front of my feet. He also selected an item that He knew would draw my attention… because He loves to talk to me.

He loves to talk to you, too. Take a look at the Scripture for today. What a precious word! In it, the Lord is promising to communicate with us morning by morning. He is promising to open our ears so we will know what He is saying to us. And this promise is not even in the future tense; it’s in past tense! Which means it’s a done deal. This brings me so much comfort.

I need that comfort because sometimes I am tempted to be afraid that I won’t be able to hear Him adequately. Do you ever face that same temptation? Where you get nervous that you are going to get in the way of God successfully getting His message across to you? Like maybe you won’t listen well enough, and you’ll miss something hugely important? Or maybe you won’t correctly interpret or understand what He’s trying to say?

Here’s even more reassurance about this. As I was meditating on these verses, Holy Spirit pointed out their connection with another one in the same chapter: “Is my hand too weak to deliver you? Do I lack the power to rescue you?” (v. 2, NET). In other words, He is asking you and me, “Am I not strong enough to save you from your imperfection? Do I not have enough power to make up for your weakness in listening? Do you not believe that My ability to communicate effectively will trump your inability to hear correctly?”

Something Pastor Bill Johnson wrote helps bring this reassurance home to me. One of his sons, Eric, is hard of hearing. Bill emphatically expressed that, as a father, he has taken on the responsibility to make sure his son is understanding what he is saying to him. Whether Bill has to talk louder, get closer, or whatever measure he has to take to ensure successful communication, he will eagerly put in the extra effort. Of course he will. He loves his son so dearly.

How much more does our heavenly Daddy love you? How much more will He make sure that you are getting His message? How much more will He save? How much more will He rescue? How much more will He awaken your ears morning by morning to hear as one being taught?

You are the apple of His eye, dear one. Rest deeply in knowing that He will make sure.


In what ways has God encouraged you in your journey of getting to know His voice?



39 thoughts on “God Wants to Talk to You

    1. You are most welcome, my beautiful sister! I need frequent reminders on them too! 🙂 Often what I write out in the devos is what He’s reminding me of, so I get to digest it more as I’m putting into words what He’s stirring in me. So I get extra blessed! 🙂


  1. Thanks Jennifer. Yesterday a friend sent me Isaiah 55:3 incline your ear and come unto me: hear and your soul shall live, and I will make an evalasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David. This was an encouragement and today i read about Isa50:4-5 so i leaned in bse i know He has opened my ears and how sweet it is to hear from Him. I heard Him and yes at first I was like did i hear that correct is there something else He wants to say? It is very beautiful to hear Him speak. I am encouraged by this message. May He continue to sprak and may my ears continue to be open to hear the Lord. Have a blessed day!

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  2. Great timing with this word! Just yesterday a friend at my work told me he’d been thinking about whether he’s just being led by his conscience or by Holy Spirit. I love that God always has a message for us if we’re listening. I look forward to sharing this with him today.

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  3. Realizing that Father God is waking us each morning sheds wonderful light on the Psalmist’s words: I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning (Psalm 130:5-6 NIV). What a blessing it is to wait with that kind of anticipation, knowing that the intimate heart of God Almighty wants to wake us each day!

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  4. In years past and presently, our Father has been more diligent and faithful to cause me to pay attention to Him speaking when I am distracted or stubborn. I have often asked other believers if they have had similar experiences. I would rise up in the am, read scriptures and be captured by a verse or two. Then off to work, listening to my favorite pastor/teachers on the radio- this teaching would include that which drew my attention in reading. Then to complete the tenacity of God, He would send someone or have them call, with a mention of my morning study !!! Amazing Grace. Thank my Lord and my God. Len Wisniewski

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    1. Chuckling joyfully. Yes, I often have that experience! How wonderfully generous He is in His confirmations that way! I enjoy it very much, and it often brings a big smile or a chuckle up out of my spirit 🙂


  5. Thank you. Beautiful. When we read the story of the Good Shepherd. Jesus said I am the Good Shepherd and My Sheep will know My Voice. God does indeed speak. He speaks through His Word, though any gentle means He can use. Don’t expect it as a regular occurrence but KNOW this too is true. God can and does also speak in a Voice that you can hear…ie in your ear or in your heart. Not in the earthquake wind or fire but in a still small voice. He speaks. Love Him! Listen! All things according to His Word always but I testify I have heard Him speak. It was ‘life-changing’…
    …’Go to town’ the gentle voice said to me. I said “I do not need or want to go to town’ Still the voice said softly ‘Go to town’.
    When I did I found my dear friend waiting. Her cancer had returned and she only expected to live a very short time. She had prayed. “Dear God, Please speak to Faye….Please tell her to come to town.’. We shared a wonderful time – our last this side of eternity but I will for ever be grateful that our God still speaks today. Blessings!

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    1. Wow, what a beautiful, precious testimony! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it! Was she unable to contact you, I am curious? I’m so glad you got those very special moments with her ❤️


  6. I have experienced the whispers and leading of the Lord in so many “minor” occasions, they almost blend together, yet I can remember two distinct times in my life where God spoke in a “loud” voice—one in which he offered direction, an unfolding of His plan and another in which He supplied a “heads up” which brought peace during a difficult journey. When my husband proposed to me, I was 20 and in the middle of college. I had been encouraged over and over by my father since jr high to set my sights on finishing college before marrying. That was the plan, I thought. So when Kenny popped the question and wanted to get married dinner rather than later, I didn’t know what to say except that I would need to have some time to pray. I prayed for two weeks! Poor guy! The night I finally got my answer I was desperately asking the Lord for confirmation, feeling that Kenny was indeed the one. I took my Bible, opened it, out my finger down, and saw the words “For this reason shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 I know that method of Bible reading is not normally recommended, but God siure spoke to me through it! My parents gave us their blessing. We are going on 32 years of marriage by His grace. The other time was at the outset of my mother’s terminal illness He vividly showed me a vision of her joyfully walking across a river with Jesus. And then at the end, a few days before she passed, he gave me a vision of her passing right before the phone rang for the family to call. She was peaceful and I saw the exact details he had so lovingly shown me. Both visions helped me know that she was okay. That this was not a surprise to God. That it was time for her to go with Him.

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  7. God bless you, Sis. Jennifer. I do worry sometimes because I often find it so hard to concentrate when trying to study or meditate on His Word. I needed this assurance!

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  8. Yes. Again and again God speaks to me.
    This does makes me feel sad and unworthy. Because I continue to sin and can’t seem to stop certain thoughts and/or feelings/behaviors.

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    1. You aren’t meant to conquer them soley by your own efforts, my dear sister. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit that comes into our lives and sets us free from those patterns. He holds victory in store for you! And you are never unworthy. His blood, and His blood alone (not your actions good or bad), has declared you eternally worthy!


      1. Thanks and pleased you like it, as the reason I write is to share (and my friends and family say I’m “safest” doing nothing else , but writing and sharing)
        Have a great day “over there”, Jennifer

        Rich boomerang blessings to you and your family from the First City to see the light

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  9. when i was fired from my job i took a new job, pushing carts at a grocery store. This store is in a bad area, overrun with homeless people. but I soon found out, these homeless people were the most devout Christians i have ever met.

    We talk about God, faith. Seeing how hopeful they are (with how little they have) it makes me realize that God is truly there.

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  10. Thank you kindly, Jennifer. You know, when I was a very young child, I prayed to Jesus to help me and my little brother, to protect us from the people who were hurting us. Help did not come, and I suffered through many, many years of my life. But today I realize that sometimes NOT getting the help we think is what we need can be a gift. Without any challenges in our lives, without dealing with our own pain and suffering, we might never learn to have compassion for others, or to appreciate the depth and meaning of our journey through life. We might not understand how to help others in their pain, or to learn to trust God.

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    1. Wow, my sister. You are expressing extremely profound truth. I agree with you, that the deep pain I have been through in my own life has caused the wells of compassion to go so much deeper within my own spirit. Thank you, truly, for sharing your thoughts. Sending you much love ❤


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