Giving Tuesday: Let’s Change the World Together!

Hi everyone!! I’m still writing to you from the hospital room, with Ester asleep next to me, but thankfully she’s feeling a lot better today!! Yesterday was pretty rough, so it’s even more than a joy than usual to see her laughing and happy today, thank You Jesus!!

I am really excited about how well our Giving Tuesday campaign is going. We’re already a third of the way to our $10,000 goal to finally give our amazing church planting students some decent bathrooms! (The video is me teaching out at our School. It’s in the middle of the jungle!)

Would you like to be a part of changing the world with us, TODAY?? Hop on over to Facebook at this link to visit our fundraiser!

2 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday: Let’s Change the World Together!

  1. I am sorry to hear Esther suffered this but very glad it was diagnosed and dealt with in time! Jesus Bless her with continued recovery. Nice seeing a snippet of your school time :-). It will be great to have the bathroom you need there! Love,Ann

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