Our Thoughts Naked and Exposed… Why?


“This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel… so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed (Luke 2:34b-35a, NIV; bold emphasis mine).

“For the word of God… exposes our innermost thoughts and desires. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes” (Heb. 4:12-13a, NLT; bold emphasis mine).

Why would God want to expose our thoughts? 

Now, that is a great question… and the Bible has an array of enriching answers for it. Here are a few of the most fundamental ones:

  • Our thoughts produce emotions. For example, multiple places in the book of Daniel use variants of this phrase: “My thoughts greatly troubled me.” Thoughts can either bring about emotional disturbance, or emotional wellbeing.
  • Our thoughts produce actions. This is true of God, and it’s true of us, made in His image. Jeremiah 23:20 describes God executing the thoughts of His heart. This is how it works with us, too. Every important action we will ever perform in this life will have its origin in a thought.
  • Our thoughts produce outcomes. Jeremiah 6:19 contains the phrase “the fruit of their thoughts.” The thoughts we choose to meditate on determine the fruit our lives will produce, whether good or bad. They carve out the path that we will walk on. They set our feet moving forward in a direction that will bring forth either life, or death.

Your future is extremely fertile, and your thoughts are the seeds that determine what will grow there. This is why Daddy wants to expose our thoughts. He cherishes us fiercely. He is jealous over the breathtaking plans He has laid out for us. And He knows that our thoughts are the seeds of our destiny. Our thoughts will either enable us to develop into the fullness of what He has dreamed for us… or not.

“For as the thoughts of [a person’s] heart are, so is he…” (Prov 23:7, BBE). Our thought life will ultimately shape who we are. Since Daddy longs to give us a life of ever-increasing blessings, He mirrors back to us what is in our thoughts. His Word opens us up before Him and examines the inside of us. It lays bare the core of us. He lovingly, firmly challenges us to let Him root out what should not be growing there, that He might give us His very best.


Does being exposed and naked before God feel vulnerable? What if you know that He only gazes on you with the deepest of love?

12 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Naked and Exposed… Why?

  1. Jennifer- When David called out in Psalms – Search out my heart-what he speaking of his [soul]mind? I am often confused by words used in scripture, such as HEART [evil yet good?] Mind? Being exposed does not trouble me unless I have something to hide! If it be of God, I want all to see. Truth should never be concealed. When the Word speaks of confessing our sin to one another, there is no room for fear of transperency. len wisniewski
    *side-note and question- I read Psalms each morning, during my devotional time. This morning I seemed focused on words such as – precepts-law-statutes – can you give definition to these words please? I sought insight from the Spirit and felt led to ask you and Jim Brunner [ a sister and brother in Christ]. Being that psalms were written before Christ’s comming, was David still under the law? A bit confused , whenever I contimplate ” we are no longer under the law- since Jesus – my mind and spirit seem at a loss!! Help please.

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    1. I believe that “heart” sometimes refers to both spirit and soul, and sometimes to just spirit, depending on the context. And yes, David was still under the law. However, when I read those kinds of verses, I take it to mean God’s laws written on our hearts by His Spirit, as promised in Jeremiah, with the new covenant. ☺️


      1. Thank you greatly Jennifer- as always in line with the WORD and with a brother in Christ. Amazing how much I am learning since 1977- reading the bible through each each year-listing to thousands of sermons-reading hundreds of books- seeking counsel often….and being 70 years old! len in Jesus

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  2. I’m glad I came back to reading this blog entry. Some interesting and amazing stuff. Very interested in Leonard Wisiewski’s comment. Now in my 70’s I am astonished at what God the Holy Spirit has been teaching me from the Word. Things that for years I simply knew but did not KNOW. its an ever growing journey. The most important things are simply. Christ died for ALL SIN – a new Covenant was cut in His Blood. If we accept and choose to follow Him. .we are ‘born again’ into a New Kingdom. We are no longer in the old realm BUT our sin nature still is ours and must be dealt with. repentance, confession and awareness that once confessed ….all sin is cast into the bottomless sea of His Forgetfulness. I have come to accept that OUR GOD is BIGGER and GREATER than I ever imagined. Thank God He sent the Holy Spirit to lead us through the minefield of modern life. Blessings and Peace to you and yours.

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    1. I love hearing about this! I look forward in earnest to what it will be like when I have walked with Him for a few more decades 🙂 The ones so far have been AMAZING, and every day gets better! Truly, thank you for sharing 🙂


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