Joining Jesus in the Intimacy Circle (Part 3)

(This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. You can find the beginning of this series here 🙂 )


What This Means for You and Me

When the disciples heard Jesus’ words of announcement, the joy that spilled over within them must have been almost too much to contain. To think that that bliss they saw Jesus ceaselessly revel in with His Daddy, was now to be theirs. No wonder Peter described this ecstasy as “joy inexpressible and full of glory!” (1 Peter 1:8, NKJV). They recognized immediately that Jesus was now to bring them into His Intimacy Circle with the Father.

This – for them and for you and for me – would mean drinking deeply of:

*Mutual Delight* They had heard Daddy announce from Heaven in overflowing tones about Jesus, “This is My Son, whom I love, in whom I am well pleased!” They understood that now they would hear Him proclaim these same words of exultant love over them. They would come to know, deep in their very core, what it was like to be fully delighted in. In return, spontaneous delighting in Daddy would spring up from their heart of hearts, as a lifestyle. So it will from yours and mine.

*Guidance* Jesus had let them know in no uncertain terms that He did nothing at all on His own. Daddy spoke every word through His mouth, and Daddy performed every work through His body. Daddy directed every moment of His every day. Now they, too, were to taste the exquisite beauty of yielding moment by moment, every single second of their lives, to His magnificent lead. So will you and I.

*Belonging* How many times had they heard Jesus’ voice radiate tenderness in expressing, “I am in My Father, and He is in Me”? As John explained at the outset of his gospel, the Son is in the Father’s bosom (John 1:18). These men knew that being adopted into the Intimacy Circle meant a place in His heart that no one could ever take away from them, for all of eternity. They would now belong in Daddy’s embrace, forever. This is now your permanent home too, and mine.

*Identity* In moving into the divine Intimacy Circle, they were receiving a brand new identity. As Ephesians tells us, the whole family in heaven and earth is named from the Father (Eph. 3:14). He gives us a new name. He tells us who we are. He calls us “Loved.” “Cherished.” “Precious.” “Chosen.” “Celebrated.” “My Delight.” “Mine.” From here on out, these men would live and move and have their being out of their identity as chosen, beloved children of the Father. So will you and I!

(Don’t miss the final installation of this series tomorrow!)


Is it possible that the deepest longings of our hearts could really be met in God Himself?

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