A Universe-Sized Love Space in God’s Heart, Part 3

Heart green

(This is the last installment of a three-part post. To get the full effect, you can find the beginning here :))

Don’t miss this pertinent verse either: “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world…” (Eph. 1:4, NIV). Which is closely followed by: “This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure (Eph. 1:5 NLT, bold emphasis mine).

Did you hear that? Like really hear it? It gave Him immense pleasure to make you His! That is why our uncreated God has already been thinking and daydreaming about you for an entire eternity past. Those thoughts cause Him to experience pleasure. He likes pleasure… and He really likes thinking about you. Just a glimpse of you causes His soul to brim over with delight. With joy. I’ve been looking up different versions of these verses. As I’ve been drinking in each one, my head has been swimming with His giddiness. He is SO EXCITED that you are His!

Daddy has spent hours and hours, days and days, years and years, millennia even!…

  • Thinking about the way you laugh.
  • Thinking about how your eyes sparkle with the enjoyment of what you love.
  • Meditating on how He will weave together every detail of your experiences here on earth for your wellbeing.
  • Delighting in the anticipation of seeing your unique set of giftings grow into beauty and maturity; of seeing you discover the thrill of finding out who you are, the breathtaking masterpiece He created you to be.
  • Bursting with excitement to see the unfolding of your adventure.
  • Watching over and over in His mind as you get to the end of the story and find out just how astonishingly good He has been to you.

And most especially, waiting with baited breath for those moments when you would lose yourself in worship, in intimacy with Him. When you would let Him envelope you completely in His love. Yes. He really does. He has a whole universe in his heart, just for you. Today He caresses your face and says to you in the most tender and gentle of tones, you dear, you are His favorite.

Dive in and eat, dear one. Forget about anyone else’s plate. An infinite buffet is before you, and Jesus is the feast!


When you imagine God dreaming about you, what comes to mind?

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