Worshiper, You Stole His Heart!

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“Jesus said to them, ‘I tell you the solemn truth, before Abraham came into existence, I am!’” (John 8:58, NET).

This declaration from Jesus’ lips was so radical that the men listening immediately picked up stones with which to kill Him. With these words, He was announcing to them His eternal deity. While His proclamation sharply offended their hardened hearts, it is precious to those of us who believe. Listen closely to Him as He pours its truth deeper into your spirit. Its power will anchor your soul.

Jesus exists outside of time. He “inhabits eternity” (Isa. 57:15, NKJV). At the same time, He inserts Himself into our years, into our minutes, into our lifetimes. He is entirely present with each of His children. Even as He is right here, right now with us, He is also right here, right now with Abraham. He is even right here, right now with future generations yet to be born. His eternal nature allows Him to be the great “I Am,” present tense, for every individual ever created, simultaneously.

As I woke up this morning, He was stirring this revelation in my heart. He told me that right now, in this moment, He is electrified by Abraham’s worship. Because of His eternality, that moment when Abraham poured out His most costly gift to Him, Isaac… is right now, in His experience. Eternally, He is exulting in the overwhelming love He is right now receiving from Abraham’s heart. The offering of Isaac radiates perpetually inside of Him like a live coal.

For us, the ages have marched on. For Him, they have not. That moment is literally forever. When the children of Israel rebelled grievously in the desert, He would not, could not reject them. He would not, could not cast them off, even when He had to discipline them severely. Every time He looked at them, Abraham’s worship burned in His heart. These were the seed He had promised to His beloved friend, His covenant partner. Abraham’s devotion was seared so deeply into His being that He cherished these descendants of his even in their gross disobedience, then, and forevermore.

This truth is for you, today. Have you poured out to God what is most precious to you? Have you given Him your Isaac? Have you offered to Him what your heart always longed for? If you have, then that moment is etched into His heart for all of eternity. Right now, He is drinking a deep draught of your devotion, even if that moment was some time ago. To Him, it is right now.

If you have developed a lifestyle of lavishing on God what you hold most dear, then you cannot even fathom what you have done to His emotions. He carefully stows and treasures every single liberal love offering you have bestowed on Him in the depths of His core. Right now, the cumulative effect of all of it overcomes Him. He is marked by your love for all of eternity. Even if thousands of years were to pass on the earth before His return, He could never forget. Throughout all of them, He could never, ever stop thinking about the way you have reached the deepest depths of His soul.

This is His tender, earnest message to you:

“All of your prayers and your generosity… have ascended before [Me] as an eternal offering’” (Acts 10:4b, TPT, personalized).

As He expresses this, look up into His eyes. Can you see His immeasurable pleasure in response to your worship? He is brimming over with desire to bless you! Remember, you can never, ever, ever outgive Him. Be prepared for Him to pour out on you “infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and… your wildest imagination!”(Eph. 3:20, TPT). You have stolen His heart!


How does it impact you to know that one moment of your sacrificial worship poured out to God will stir in His heart eternally?

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