He Is Risen!


“…The God of peace… by the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead the great shepherd of the sheep…” (Heb. 13:20, NET).

Do you see, from this verse, how much power is in the blood of Jesus? Holy Spirit is expressing to us here that His own blood was powerful enough to raise Him from the dead!

Today, we celebrate that resurrection. With all of our might, we rejoice in the victory our Savior won over sin, death, hell, and the curse!

“O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?”

(1 Cor. 15:55, NLT).

As you celebrate, as you rejoice, He urgently wants you to know that the resurrection power in His blood is available to you today. With that same blood, He bought you. With that same blood, He brought you into the eternal covenant. With that same blood, He wants to pour His power into whatever area of your heart that has been void of His life, and jump start it back to vitality!

He is the Resurrection and the Life. Whatever is broken in your life, whatever is hurting, whatever is bleeding, whatever has died… invite Him into it all. He was dead, but He’s alive forevermore, and He longs to share His victory with you. His blood, His eternal covenant, His resurrection power are for you today!

Happy Easter! He is risen!

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