When You Need Answers

It’s audio devo day!

Have you ever desperately needed an answer from God about what decision to make… spent much time in prayer… and heard nothing? What is happening there? Join me this week as we look into a vitally important secret to hearing from Jesus… right here:

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“At that time Jesus prayed this prayer: ‘O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike’” (Matt 11:25, NLT).

Does this verse sound familiar? Well, it should because this is my third week sharing it with you. 😁 Holy Spirit said that we need to look at it again. There is yet more here for us.

Let me explain. To do so, I need to tell you about a conversation I had the other day. I was talking to a young woman who is very near and dear to my heart. She is in her last year of high school, and has been trying to figure out what to do for college. After months of wrestling with the subject, she finally said to me, “I think maybe I just need to take a year off after high school. I have been asking God for direction… for a university, or for a study program, or for a major, or even for just a state to move to, and I am getting nothing!”

Have you ever been at a similar crossroads? Have you ever felt, like this young woman, that you desperately needed an answer from God? How about this? Have you prayed, fasted, worshiped, praised, read copious amounts of Scripture, and otherwise participated in every spiritual discipline that you could think of… and leaned in hard, trying to listen for an answer… and you didn’t hear anything?

One more thing. How about this one? Have you ever heard from God in some moment that seemed completely random, when you were not even specifically looking for Him to speak to you? Maybe in the shower, or driving down the road? Maybe while working out, or during your lunch break?

I bet you have experienced something very much like this, in both categories. What is the difference there? Why do we sometimes not hear something from God when we are trying so hard to do so, and then hear something from Him when we are not even trying at all?

I believe the answer is found Continue reading When You Need Answers