God’s 10,000% Blessing

“When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the Lord blessed him” (Gen. 26:12, NLT).

What a marvelous harvest this chosen son of covenant reaped! Just doubling what he sowed would have been 100% return on this seed. That means that a hundred times as much comes out to 10,000% return! I’m sure any of us would be thrilled with that kind of blessing on the work of our hands, aren’t you?

What makes this even more amazing is that it happened during a year of widespread catastrophic hunger. Earlier in the chapter we learn, “A severe famine now struck the land, as had happened before in Abraham’s time” (v. 1). A famine! During a time when innumerable families were suffering, Isaac was abounding in God’s goodness.

This is a spiritual picture for us. We have been living through very difficult times. Turmoil has moved over the entire planet in waves we had never experienced before. In the midst of the suffering that surrounds us, God has a covenant with you and me.… just as He did with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In fact, His Word teaches us that the covenant He has with us is far superior. If Isaac could be supernaturally blessed during a time of severe famine, so can you and I. And even more so.

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