Birthday Cake and Eight New Salvations!

Pastorita, all eight of them knelt down in their little hut and received Jesus as Lord,” my friend told me yesterday. (We will call her Dulce to protect her anonymity.)

She calls me Pastorita (“Pastor” with a diminutive ending in Spanish) because I have mentored her since she was 15. She is now in her 30’s. The Lord has given me the privilege of pouring into many precious people these twenty years as a missionary in the Amazon Jungle. Of all of them, this young woman stands out. She makes me heart rejoice over and over.

Remember how I shared with you a couple weeks ago about the friend who has a new teaching job in Belén, one of the poorest parts of our city? That was Dulce. And God did something really special with that post. Someone who read it wrote to me and asked how they could get some funds to her. I facilitated that, and as soon as she had them, Dulce went to work.

She went to the store and shopped for four of the neediest families that she has encountered in that neighborhood. Thus stocked up, she embarked on her journey for the day. As you can see, during this part of the year, much of Belén is under water. It is the rainy season here in the jungle. The places in the city that get covered with water for months is where the poorest of the poor live. They have nowhere else to go.

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One of the families she visited is a grandmother who is now raising her seven grandchildren. Tragically, this is because Continue reading Birthday Cake and Eight New Salvations!