Expectant, Trusting Eyes

Moon looking for a snack 😁


“She looked so expectant!”

With this, Ester explained why she gave a morsel of her food to our bunny, Moon. Moon has quite stolen our hearts since she became part of our household in March. To give you an idea of just how much this is the case, I’ll share this with you: I, too, have stooped to feeding her bits of veggies from the table. How can I not, when she puts her soft little paws on my leg and looks up at me with such expectant eyes?

I was surprised at myself when this happened the other day. For the last twenty years of pet ownership, I have never fed any of our cats or dogs from the table. I have held a firm stance against such behavior. I have insisted that my family not reward their begging. My rules against handing out table scraps have been firm and consistent. After all, who wants to have meows or barks or whines regaling you when you are trying to enjoy your meal? Not I.

But now we have bunnies, for the first time in my life. This changes everything. Bunnies don’t make any noise. They just look adorable and fluffy. And innocently expectant.

There’s something in the human heart (especially a soft one like mine) that Continue reading Expectant, Trusting Eyes