A Supernatural Endowment of Courage

It’s audio devo day! Today we are going to dig into this question: How can we possibly live fearlessly in a world where adversity is frequent and inevitable? Daniel learned a secret about this question. Let’s explore what he discovered on the matter, here:

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“Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer” (Rev. 2:10, NIV).

Really?? Is it even possible to obey this command? In the sentences following it, Jesus predicts prison, persecution, and possibly even death for His beloved children in Smyrna. “Don’t be afraid”!? This goes against the grain of some of our most basic human instincts. We perceive danger ahead… and we brace for it anxiously. You know, the whole fright, fight, flight response built into our nervous system. Fear comes spontaneously to us. It’s only natural to get fearful in the face of anticipated threats to our safety. And all the more so, living on a planet where suffering is a built-in, regular feature of our existence.

How then, can we live fearlessly in a context where adversity is frequent and inevitable? First of all, Continue reading A Supernatural Endowment of Courage