The Touch That She Ached For

“For she kept saying to herself, ‘If only I could touch his clothes, I know I will be healed’” (Mark 5:28, TPT).

Can you picture this scene? This poor woman had been suffering greatly for twelve years. It was not only her physical ailment that afflicted her constantly. Culturally, her bleeding made her unclean… all the time. Anyone who touched her would become unclean too (see Lev. 15:19-20). Undoubtedly, even her own family was avoiding physical contact with her because of this. As a result, this hurting soul had lived a dozen years starved of touch!

I think you and I can relate to her, now that we have all been through this global pandemic, right? How we have ached to hug and touch the ones that we love! There really are no words to adequately express this hunger. And we think one year is bad. Can you imagine twelve?

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