Your Father’s World

“You are always with me, and everything I have is yours” (Luke 15:31, NIV)

“This is my Father’s world.” I recently heard Holy Spirit whisper to my heart these profound hymn lyrics as I was out and about. As I approached the main square of our city, the sky was extravagant. The Itaya River was up ahead. The beauty of the fading day rested on my senses. Holy Spirit pointed out to me how creation’s loveliness was overwhelmingly greater than the signs of poverty around the city. In spite of the bad things that happen here, this is my Father’s world.

Later, I was sitting in my rocking chair in our back yard, praying. He whispered it again. Gazing up at the soft clouds floating by, I took in His bounty. The green leaves greeted me brightly with their gentle rustling, and I received His generosity. The songbirds regaled me with His tenderness, and I drank in His goodness. Specifically, He sent my favorite as His messenger: the yellow-rumped cacique. This creature’s call sounds like the most exquisite, musical drop of water. Every time I hear it (which is frequently), a thrill goes through me. I smile and thank Daddy for His kiss.

Yes, this is His world, He went on. And you are My heir. So, wherever you go, show up like you own the place. Because you do.

That word is for you too, my friend. Everything He Continue reading Your Father’s World