Stay Here with Me

“But you stay here with me so that I may give you all the commands, decrees and laws you are to teach them to follow in the land I am giving them to possess” (Deut. 5:31, NIV).

Those first six words jumped out at me as I was meditating on this wonderful conversation God had with Moses. “But you stay here with me.”

Can you hear His inviting tone there in that phrase?


Stay with Me.

Don’t rush off.

The day’s urgencies can wait a little longer.

Would you linger with Me?

In Moses’ case, the great leader was going to be empty handed if he didn’t stay put in God’s presence. He wasn’t going to have what was needed for the people under his care. The Lord explained the “why” with these words: “…so that I might give you…” If Moses obeyed and stayed with Him, God was going to make a divine transfer. He was going to put into Moses’ heart and mind everything needed to lead the people well.

Now, you and I don’t have the same assignment as Moses. We have not been called to guide a nation through a desert for several decades. However, whatever your own assignment from God is, it’s vital. We need you and whatever it is He has created you to do!

He doesn’t expect you to just come up with what is needed to do your assignment well. It was never in His thoughts that your own resources, wisdom, or strength would be adequate. Instead, here we find the same arrangement that He has in mind for all of us:

“You stay here with Me.”

Another thing about that. Notice just one more word; the one that comes next in the sentence. It’s “all.” God didn’t just promise to give Moses part of what was needed for the task. He didn’t say, “I’ll give you half of it, and then you take it from there.” Nope. He said “all.”

“…So that I may give you all…

If we respond to His beckoning, we, too are going to receive all. God is going to give us absolutely everything that we need to do this day well.

Let’s do it. Let’s stay with Him. Let’s make our time with Him the most important thing we do today.


What do you think? Is it easy to stay long enough with Him to get everything we need for the day ahead? Why or why not?




5 thoughts on “Stay Here with Me

  1. Staying is often hard to do. His Presence brings such peace and we are often even in our senior years clock-watching. Your encouragement today reminds me that time with Him should be more important than anything else.

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