Jesus’ Extremely Personal Interest in You

It’s audio devo day!

God is exceedingly busy running the universe, but He is NOT too busy to take time for you. When you call out HIs name, all of His attention is on you. He cares tenderly about everything that is important to you. He wants to pour His love into your heart through His Holy Spirit as you listen here:

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Can you recall a moment when you were extra aware of God’s attention fixed on you? If so, what was that like?

6 thoughts on “Jesus’ Extremely Personal Interest in You

  1. Thank you for this word! It has blessed me. Especially the part where God is looking at me. I’m always amazed at God’s interest and love for me and other people. Because I don’t feel worthy of God’s goodness. ❤❤❤

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    1. He has made you worthy by His precious blood, dear Elena! Of course, on our own, we could do nothing to deserve any of this, but He simply lavished it all on us exactly because He is so astonishingly good! I am so, SO glad that this blessed you, my dear sister 🤗

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  2. Thank you !
    During asides with Jesus Christ I felt loved by Him, cared by Him, well adviced and encouraged by Him: so great! I thank Him!

    Holy Week 2023 : The Union of Prayers is Christian Strength
    The Chrism Mass can be the occasion for a start of a Jericho of prayers

    Semaine Sainte 2023 : L’Union de Prières est une Force Chrétienne – Holy Week 2023 : The Union of Prayers is Christian Strength – Semana Santa 2023 : La Unión de Oraciones es Fuerza Cristiana – Settimana Santa 2023 : L’Unione delle Preghiere è Forza Cristiana    

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