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“And Abraham’s faith did not weaken… In fact, his faith grew stronger…” (Rom. 4:19a, 20b, NLT).

Today, I want to do something a little different. I sense a prompting from Holy Spirit to share an excerpt with you from one of my journals from a few years ago. Perhaps His intent is to inspire you to do some journaling of your own. Or perhaps He just wants to convey to you the truths He was downloading to me in a more raw, personal form. This is what flowed, in prayer format to God, from my heart on September 4, 2014:

“This morning, as I was dealing with thoughts about this waiting process taking such a very long time, You flashed in my heart a whisper about Abraham: ‘He was not weakened in faith… He was strengthened in faith.’ You showed me that this is about the long-term process, the long years of waiting that he went through.

“Two things can happen with faith – it can be, once conceived, either weakened and the promise aborted, or strengthened, through the prolonged process of waiting on God. It will be either one or the other. If we wait Your way, the Isaiah 40 way, an active wait of hope, interacting with Your Word and promises, then strengthening happens. I receive new strength. My faith receives new strength till I can run and not grow weary.

“(But a passive wait with the doublemindedness of an unwilling heart causes the opposite to happen – the weakening and eventual death of faith, like the second and third types of soil in the Parable of the Sower.)

“So, as Abraham yielded to your process, You were the One who strengthened His faith. It’s not something he did for himself. If we’re talking about his own ability to believe, that’s what produced Ishmael. No, it was You, perfecting his faith as he held onto You and waited, yielding to Your strengthening process, the testing of his faith producing perseverance, character, hope!

“You gave strength to him who grew weary. His weakness of faith, shown by engendering Ishmael, was turned to strength of faith. As this process climaxed in the birth of Isaac, laughter and joy, he became the father of faith. He had truly ‘obtained what was promised.’ He had become mighty in battle. He had risen on eagles’ wings.”

So there you have it. It was probably a good thing at the time that I didn’t know how much longer God’s waiting process was going to take. The fulfillment of promise was not just around the corner for me. The strengthening of my faith was to continue for quite a long time after that… and still continues into the present. I am even now still waiting on the fulfillment of His word to me. So, if you are still waiting too, you are in good company. Be encouraged, my fellow wait-er on God! You and I are going to obtain what is promised. Meanwhile, we are getting mightier by the day.

Our destiny includes a soaring set of eagles’ wings!


Do you enjoy journaling? If so, what is a typical journal entry like for you?

2 thoughts on “Journaled Inspirations…

  1. Amen🙏🏿
    This was encouraging,
    May God bless you🙏🏿

    I used to keep a journey years ago and i would write out my entire day from when i woke up, till i slept. Though, i would emphasise on what made my day, or what didn’t go as i expected. I would just pour out my thoughts like i was talking to a quiet friend who was willing to listen to all my emotions.
    Now that i think about it, as if we be writing to God😳

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