The Spirit of Jesus Calls

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.” ‭‭(2 Cor. ‭5:20,‬ ‭NIV).‬‬

Do you hear the Holy Spirit’s strong vocabulary here in this verse? That’s Him imploring us, longing for our spirit, beckoning to us. Imploring us to be reconciled to Him. God is longing that there would be no distance between us. His heart is reaching out to ours in intense earnestness, bidding us to come back close. He can hardly stand any distance between Him and the ones that He so tenderly loves.

Being reconciled to God does not only refer to the day that you and I first received Him. It also applies any time we allow distance to come up between us and Him. Sometimes this happens because of a guilty conscience, or busyness, or misplaced priorities, or any number of reasons. Every time it does, the Spirit of Jesus each time implores us to come back in close to His heart. If there has been a disruption in our relationship with God for any reason, He immediately begins to call to us with this yearning of His.

He invites us with all His heart and soul to be reconciled. His earnest desire is that no prolonged time would go by with distance in the relationship. As soon as there is any kind of static, He is once again imploring us to return to His compassionate, forgiving arms, to come enjoy the peace with God that Jesus purchased for us with His blood. His heart cries out to ours, “Don’t stay away! Instead, come in closer.”

There’s another beautiful thing about this verse. It calls us ambassadors of God. Oftentimes those around us do not yet know the heart of the Father. He allows you and me, as we walk in unbroken intimacy with God, to extend His invitation to the world around us. The Holy Spirit beckons with the deep, deep love of God to the ones He loves, through our hearts and through our lives. God communicates His message to the world through us.

What kind of message from God do our lives communicate? May it be our earnest desire to reflect His intense, welcoming love to every human being for whom He died. An ambassador is someone who represents their country. We represent Him by resembling Him, and being the embodiment of His message of reconciliation to the ones His soul longs for.

As we grow up into maturity, into the image of Christ, we will increasingly bear semblance to Him. We will be safe havens that those in our lives want to be around, want to come to with their troubles. As they do so we will get the privilege to extend the Holy Spirit’s longing invitation to every one of them: be reconciled to the One who loves you more than His own life.


If Jesus already paid the price for our reconciliation with God, why do we sometimes feel like we have to stay away when we stumble?

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