Has There Been Some Mistake?

It’s audio devo day!

Have you struggled to be comfortable in your own skin? If so, this one is for you. Holy Spirit wants to communicate to the depths of our spirits the foundation of our identity: our Father’s delight in us as His kids. May you catch a deeper glimpse of how much He just plain likes you, as you listen here:

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Does your heart know how much God likes you?


10 thoughts on “Has There Been Some Mistake?

  1. Jennifer, I can SO relate! I, too, had (have) a hard time accepting my voice, ever since I first heard it recorded. (I think most of us are shocked that first time.) I, too, was convicted that not accepting the way the Lord made me was the sin of ingratitude, and I repented. When I listened to this message this morning, I was getting ready to go to a recording session for making my first novel into an audiobook – God’s timing! 😉

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    1. How exciting! How is that going? Also, is your novel available on the Kindle store? If so, would you please share the link with me?

      I am now back and getting caught up again on blog comments. The richest of blessings to you in 2023!


      1. Thanks, Jennifer. My books are all available on Amazon, and most of them (the novels) are on Kindle. I haven’t used Kindle personally, but I think wherever you get other books will have mine. The titles are “Counselor,” “Vision,” and “Sparrows.” (by Ann Aschauer) They make up the “Awakening” trilogy. The audio of “Counselor” will be available soon. I’m going to post about it on Friday. Thanks for asking! 😊

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  2. Dearest Jennifer, Your hunger for God, your passion and compassion for God’s people is very evident in this message. I thank God for you. I am struggling in the darkness of my soul in response to it and am praying for the light I need to break through. God did not make my body the way it is…. A disease from Satan, 58 years of crippling a Arthritis, has caused such deformity in my body that little children whisper to their mothers when they see the grotesqueness of it. I do not focus on this am not conscious of my body until moments like this, and sometimes when I meet new people. Your message stirred up a lot in me. I cry and do not know how to reconcile hating what I see in my body. I felt I was to write this after listening to your message twice. It’s a beautiful one come from the throne of God, Jennifer and I pray that since I felt led to share this with you, that God will give some revelation and understanding that I need. I know that it will turn for the glory of God in the end like it did for the child born blind, but I am presently sobbing almost out of control right now. I need light, like the blind man who needed to be touched twice.
    Bless you for being such a faithful one whose love for God and His people can be felt. ❤️Michele

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    1. Precious Michele, I am so sorry that I am just now seeing this! I was away on a long ministry trip and wasn’t able to check my blog comments until now that I am back.

      My heart breaks for your pain, I wish I could express how much. I know Jesus cares more than you or I could begin to fathom, about what you have gone through. I am praying right now that He would hold you in His arms and minister His comfort to your soul.

      I do very much believe in His healing power, that healing is part of His very nature. He healed my brother of life-threatening asthma that had him in the hospital monthly with attacks that nearly took him out. In an instant, touched by the power of God, the asthma left him forever. That was a good number of years ago, and he hasn’t had a single issue since. That is only one of so many, many testimonies I could share with you of things I have personally witnessed. I do believe that Jesus wants to touch you with His light and His healing! A book that has been very instrumental for me is 365 Days of Healing by Mark Brazee. One that is wonderful about how He wants to heal us on the inside too is called Prayers that Heal the Heart by Mark Virkler.

      I am spending a moment in prayer for you right now, that our Healer and Comforter would pour into your heart everything you are needing from Him tonight. You are exceedingly precious to Him, my dear sister.

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      1. Dearest Jennifer, I feel your kind love and prayers. I am deeply touched by your compassion and tenderness. Jennifer, I do know the principles involved in getting healed and experienced healing by faith and speaking God’s Word concerning other conditions including a growth in my throat that I did not surgically have removed. I know the Lord has already healed R.A. and all diseases by His stripes. What I wrote on your blog was about my feelings when I look at my body. Although I do know who I am in Christ, I suspect that deep rooted subconscious rejection has manifested itself in my twisted body. He paid the price for that too, didn’t He? I’m expecting my body to bring Him the glory He died for it to manifest. I can’t thank you enough for the love I felt when I read your words and for the power of Christ released through them. Bless you and the ministry God has given you with much fruit to His praise.

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      2. My precious sister, I again feel the swell of His love in my heart, reading your words here. How He cherishes you! Thank you for your kind words to me too. I again have been delayed at getting to my blog comments, this time because He’s called me to some fasting and making a claim to larger portions of my time for the time being. But I know He wanted me to get on here today and send some love your way! I will lift you up in prayer for encouragement, strength, comfort, and healing each time He reminds me. He who touches you touches the apple of His eye. A big hug and many blessings of grace to you, beautiful one!


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