Daddy God’s Mind-Blowing Idea

It’s audio devo day. AND today marks the beginning of Season 5 on my Feeding on Jesus podcast!

Plus… the most exciting announcement of all! Drumroll, please… 

…My brand new book, Journey Through the Dark Night, launches today! I am so excited to share this with you. Here’s a sneak preview:


“Something’s very wrong with Lily.” These words marked the beginning of a crisis that would forever mark our hearts. That unforgettable night, our youngest daughter had a seizure and nearly died. She remained in a coma for seventeen days, fighting for her life. This book tells the story of her miracle.

My husband and I endured one of the most painful trials a parent could face. In our darkest moments, however, God showed up for us. I open up on these pages about both my deepest anguish, and how I found strength in Him during that time. Alongside each part of the narration, I share messages of hope that will strengthen you during your own dark night. Joy came in the morning for us Arimborgos. I recorded this experience to bring the Lord’s powerful reassurance to your heart: morning light is on the way for you, too!

You can pick up a copy of Journey Through the Dark Night here on Amazon.

And now for the first episode of Season 5…


Can you recall an occasion when you had an incredible idea that you just couldn’t wait to implement? If so, then you have the tiniest inkling of the excitement that God felt when He dreamed you up!

Has God shared with you His joy over creating you? Have you ever asked Him to?

11 thoughts on “Daddy God’s Mind-Blowing Idea

  1. Congratulations on your new book. What an unbelievable journey. Thank you for sharing this with all of us though so very painful, you share your journey so that we may see Hos light!!

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    1. With all my heart, you are welcome, my dear sister! And thank you too for your kind and encouraging words. Sending you much love today! (My replies are extra slow currently because I am on a long ministry trip until the end of the year, but I always eagerly look forward to the opportunity to get on here and read the wonderful comments shared!)


  2. Blessings Jennifer and thank God for your new book.. I’m still dumbfounded that my Memoir of discovery relating to knowing God is a God of miracles…. Shafts of Gold is a reality. Only an amazing awesome God gives us grace to write about HIM from the truth of the dark nights. May He ever continue to bless you in your writing and sowing into the lives of others.

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  3. How exciting! congratulations on the publication of your new book. As you know, I love your audio devos, but I do find them a challenge for my heart, especially this one. What the mind accepts is not the same as what the heart can accept. Bless you, dear lady and wishing you a very blessed 2023. x

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