Small Beginnings with Colossal Implications

It’s audio devo day!

Does it feel like you have been sowing and sowing, and harvest seems just as far away as ever? Things are not always as they appear. Every word, every thought, every action great and small is a seed. The Lord of the harvest will not deny His own nature. You WILL reap exponential blessings if you do not give up! He wants to pour hope and encouragement into your heart as you listen here:

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Do you remember a time in your life when you had been sowing seeds and it seemed like they were not growing… but time went by, and all of a sudden you realized you had a harvest on your hands?

10 thoughts on “Small Beginnings with Colossal Implications

  1. Homeless twice…cried out to Jesus to save me. I now am more blessed than I ever thought could or would happen! That which I’m enjoying now is through no personal efforts of my own. It is He Who deserves ALL the praise

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  2. God the Holy Spirit is the giver of All life. He will indeed give life to that which is planted with faith in the Saviour, and watered by prayer and the Word. Thank you Jennifer.

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  3. Thank you so much for this. It is such a gift. Last night I received an email that showed me the awesome fruit God has been bringing from so many seeds He sowed through me and a beloved friend into each others’ hearts and lives, year after year – ironically in Him commanding me to break apart.

    Your teaching from the Word here also helped me to continue to lay down my desires to hear and obey God’s desires for us that even more fruit might now grow and flourish in both our lives, as we continue to learn to make God alone our Rock and salvation and each other’s. Thank you for your humbling reminder that EVERY action and inaction has eternal consequences and your specific prayer on bitterness also. God showed me how my expectations of Him have become so tainted because I have allowed a root of bitterness and unforgiveness toward Him to grow in me. I have long come to understand others’ hurtful actions toward me and the deep pain at the root, and to forgive them whole heartedly with the love God has shown me in my own pain, but I now see that I have permitted the enemy to convince me that God’s desires are to intentionally hurt me to grow me. But now I see His desires have been for me to grow up into His headship, so that nothing that happens to me can wound me anymore or cause me to run from His arms, as I, like Him, now learn to run toward the prize that is set before me: His healed and whole Body and Bride, as my HEALED scars now declare the glory and grace of my God. Oh may I continue to walk within the Word’s pleasant boundaries for me to sow unto the Spirit and see God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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    1. Thank You so much, beautiful Holy Spirit, for your tender work in our hearts. You are so good at bringing to the light that which will set us free, as you love us so deeply!

      Thank you, Anna, for sharing this, too. I am humbly grateful.


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