The Power of Your Peace

“For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared” (Eph. 6:15, NLT).

“Your shoes are fabulous!” I am sure that you have occasionally overheard someone admiring their friend’s choice in footwear. When someone acquires a new pair of especially nice shoes, we often take notice. But how much more special is it when God Himself takes notice of our feet?

He does. When we use them to carry His good news of peace into others’ lives, He exclaims about them. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace!” (Is. 52:7, NLT). Blessed are the peacemakers. They make God’s head turn. Blessed are those who get up into the mountains, into the high places of God’s presence, until His supernatural peace works itself into the fiber of their being, and spills over into the lives of those around them.

Do you want your life to be a conduit of the good news of God’s peace? Every morning, you can pick out just the right pair of shoes to make this happen. We read about them in Ephesians 6. “For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared” (v. 15). You get to put on THE most fantastic shoes there ever were made. You get to shod your feet with Jesus’ own peace.

This is not just any peace, mind you. This is not the “peace” that the world gives, which is a mere ephemeral absence of immediate conflict. It goes so much deeper than that. This is the peace that goes down to the very core of your being and protects your heart. It makes you “fully prepared” for everything your day might bring. From there, His peace radiates out of you and gets on other people. It is entirely contagious.

You get to wear these fabulous spiritual shoes into every situation awaiting you today. You get to wear His peace on your feet; on your walking. You get to keep His peace wrapped around every step you take… and release it into every room you enter. You get to be the messenger of His good news of peace. Good news that God is not an angry, hard to reach God.  Good news that His love is abounding towards each one of us. Good news that His relational presence is immediately available through the blood of Jesus. Good news that permanent peace with Him, through Him, in Him, can be had right now.

This good news is powerful. In fact, it contains the raw power of God: “…This Good News about Christ… is the power of God at work” (Rom. 1:16, NLT). When you put on your beautiful shoes of peace, and carry the presence of the Prince of Peace into the world around you, power is released through your life. This is the power of the gospel. This is the power of the good news that sets us free. This is the power of His peace.

Are you ready? Go ahead, grab those fabulous shoes and pull ‘em on. And get going into the world around you, that so desperately needs His peace!


In your mind’s eye, what does the preparation of the gospel of peace look like on your feet? What is the picture that comes to mind?







8 thoughts on “The Power of Your Peace

  1. I kind of have this picture of a puzzle and that peace God gives is when all puzzle pieces fall into place and make a whole picture. In worldly peace (avoiding conflict, people pleasing), my heart is divided, as I focus on one piece of the puzzle, but in so doing in fact turn it into what it is not, as I stop that one piece from playing its useful part/role in the whole.


  2. Often in the middle of this world’s most tragic moments Gods HOLY peace can suddenly comfort and encourage those suffering. This is His Peace which we are asked to carry with us. The shoes in my imagination are wondrous indeed.

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  3. My impression of the preparation of the gospel of peace is to be ready to give an answer for anyone who asks for a reason for the Hope that we enjoy following Jesus. We are not to be contentious or force the truth on anyone, but show them the way to true peace with God.
    😉 1 Peter 3:15
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    1. Amen and amen to that, C.A.! I deeply wish that more people carrying the name “Christian” would have the spirit that you are describing from that beautiful verse, uncontentious. Father, make us more like You!

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  4. I think for me the gospel of peace looks like making time when for people when it feels like I’m too busy. When someone notices me and says hello in the street, stopping and taking a moment to be present. When I cross paths with my flatmates in the kitchen or dining room, taking time to have a real conversation, not just a two minute “how are you” and response. And a really difficult part of these moments is embracing the joy when others tell me something they’re proud of themselves for having done, because I struggle to seek this joy in the same way for myself. Joy is to be shared. Happiness in what God has provided us and what he has provided others.

    Thank you Lord for Jennifer’s willingness to share your hope and joy with us!

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