Becoming What We Eat

“When your words showed up, I ate them — swallowed them whole. What a feast! What delight I took in being yours, O God, God-of-the-Angel-Armies!” (Jer. 15:16, MSG).

In 1826, a French lawyer named Anthelme Brillat-Savarin began an important conversation when he wrote, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” A few decades later, the anthropologist and philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach made a similar statement: “Man is what he eats.”

So now you know where we get the saying, “You are what you eat!” This maxim is true in more than one way. As usual, the most important application is spiritual. You and I come to resemble whatever it is that we habitually ingest. If we have a steady diet of the Word of God, we will increasingly become what His Word says. On the other hand, if instead most of our daily consumption consists of news channels, social media, and entertainment, those dietary sources will inevitably shape us into their own image.

This invites us to regularly take stock of what it is that we are taking in through our eye gates and our ear gates. At the end of the day, can we say that we have been biting off, chewing, and swallowing more of what our Father has to say… than what this world does? As a result, has our meditation been on “things above” in a way that dictates the way we interact with “things on the earth”? (Col. 3:2).

Here’s a handy test that will help us consider these questions. Think about this: do you have a sense of what the Father is saying about the Russia-Ukraine situation? Have you asked Him about it and listened for what He has to say, to give you His viewpoint? Have you been eating His words about current events?

As we chew on God-breathed revelation, everything will shift in our perspective. As we swallow, digest, and assimilate His point of view, our hearts will settle in His presence. His Word will become part of us, just as physical nutrients from the meals we partake of literally integrate into our bodies. As we feast on the abundance of peace found in God’s messages to us, we will become what we eat.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7, KJV).


What have you been munching on?


11 thoughts on “Becoming What We Eat

  1. Jesus said. I am the Bread of Life those who feed on me will never hunger again. Spiritually. Wisdom from God through prayer helps is indeed assimilate Truth from lies in this Ukraine tragic situation. Prayer needed for suffering Russian Christians whose hearts are being seared. Great post!!

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  2. A good gut check on this one – 2020 is year I read/listened to the whole bible for the first time in my life – I listened to the Bible in one Year by Nicky Gumbel from the Bible app – YouVersion . When I missed days I would catch up and even do multiples some days. Took it everywhere on walks, drives while cooking or gardening and I was just eating the word! This blessed me so so much! I felt the most growth in my spiritual life during that time – I told a friend while the world was falling apart with the pandemic, God was growing me – I saw this not to boast but to share how much daily reading/listening/being rooted in the word changed my life. I hope to someday do this again.

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    1. Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing! My spirit is so blessed, reading this. I can so imagine how transformational this must have been. I absolutely love listening to the Bible on YouVersion too. It has also made all the difference for me.


  3. I’ve been munching on too much work (as well as stressing about how much work which sometimes less to analysis paralysis due to number of projects on the go.) Driven by this is a desire to consume YouTube and TV when I get home from work and ultimate training because I’m often tired. More time spent in quiet with God, listening to His voice will help, even in the ten minutes I have between different things.

    Thank you for another soul searching question. ❤️

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