Open Heavens for Simple People

It’s audio devo day!

Have you had a feeling that great prayer lives are only for a select few individuals who somehow manage to be extra holy? I have more amazingly good news for you. Simple people like you and I are the ones God wants to use powerfully in prayer. Let Him encourage your heart about it as you listen here:

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Do you see yourself as a prayer warrior?

11 thoughts on “Open Heavens for Simple People

  1. Thank You, Thank You, Jesus for Your Word! What a gift. Peter’s words and David’s words and Jennifer- your words on God’s desire to use us to bless the needy in our midst.

    I am surrounded by people with cancer diagnoses – all unbelievers and my greatest yearning is for them to taste and see that the LORD is good in the midst of this all – that they would experience His love for them in such great measure that they will come to Him to drink from the well that doesn’t run dry.

    And oh how I pray for God to increase my hunger. To decrease me and increase HIS presence in me that His love might be palpable to those around me. God bless you. What an encouragement you are to me.

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    1. Once again, you brought a grateful, joyful smile to my heart. Thank you, Anna! The encouragement is truly mutual. Also, I haven’t forgotten about the promised email. I have been traveling for almost a week and have a little over a couple more weeks left yet before I get home, so things have been pretty nonstop for me. But I will definitely be getting that email to you as soon as I can!


  2. Hi Jennifer. Thank you so much. I love how God uses you to minister to us/me. Prayer is a theme I am passionately learning about this last year, so I wanted to share your Holy Spirit wisdom by re-blogging, but I can’t seem to do it. Thank you though, Jennifer, I shall share it individually with a few friends at least. Blessings, lovely lady.

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