Giving Tuesday with Arimborgo Ministries!

Today is Giving Tuesday!!
This grandpa was baptized in a little tub shortly before he died. He was the village patriarch, and the whole village was saved after watching him transformed!
This was our first ever missions trip into the Amazon Jungle using the new speed boat God gave us a few years ago. Will you help us reach more precious souls like these? Here’s how! Check out this link:

You can read more of the story here:

Marianela came into the hut crying. “My dad is dying. He’s going to pass any day now. He’s so angry at everyone. He won’t speak to us. He lashes out at anyone who tries to get near.”

Our team was visiting the jungle village of Lida, bringing the message of Jesus’ hope to the villagers. They had arrived the day before and begun to preach the gospel.

Pastor Pablo replied to the distraught woman gently, “Please ask him to come here.”

A little while later, Francisco shuffled weakly into the room. Every step was a laborious effort. Painfully, he lowered himself to a seat at the table.

Tiago, one of our team members, looked at him earnestly. “I would like to share my testimony with you, Francisco,” he began. “I used to beat my wife. Anger was my cruel master. I utterly hated who I was. But you know, Jesus came and gave me a new heart. He made me into a brand new person. He will do the same for you… if you let Him.”

Francisco’s face was softening as he listened. Holy Spirit was doing His powerful work.

“Do you want to go to heaven, or hell?” Tiago asked the old man in a firm, loving voice. “If you want to go to hell, reject Jesus right now. If you want to go to heaven, receive Him into your heart as your Savior and Lord. What will you choose?”

“I want to receive Him!” Francisco blurted out. “And… I want to be baptized – right now!”

He was too frail to make it down to the river. So the family brought a small plastic tub to the side of the hut. They filled it up. He was baptized that very moment.

A glorious presence of God saturated the atmosphere. Francisco came up out of the water weeping. He embraced his wife, weeping. He barely got these words out through his overwhelmed sobs: “Forgive me!” He then embraced his children, weeping. “Forgive me!” he cried. Then his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “Forgive me please!” he repeated over and over, holding them all close.

As you can imagine, soon everyone was weeping in that place. And the entire village of around 120 people surrendered their lives to Jesus. For you see, Francisco was the patriarch of that village. His obvious, radical transformation immediately convinced everyone they needed Jesus too.


Pretty amazing story, right? There are so many more stories like this waiting to happen. Would you be a part today, on this exciting global day of giving, of bringing those new stories to pass? If you would like to, here is our special fundraiser link with more information:

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Or, if you prefer a direct PayPal link:
Thank you, and have an amazing day!


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