You… Far More Precious Than Amazonian Blue Birds

“Observe the ravens. They neither sow nor reap, and have neither store-chamber nor barn. And yet God feeds them. How far more precious are you than the birds!” (Luke 12:24, Weymouth).

The other day, my husband sent me this picture. He saved this gorgeous little guy from becoming lunch for our cat, Loco. Loco was disappointed. I was enthralled. I’d never seen such a bird. Blue is my favorite color, and I was taken by the loveliness of this creature.

Is God’s artistry not breathtaking? And yet, and yet… how much more of His stunning creative energy did He put into the creation of you? You are His masterpiece! (Eph. 2:10, NLT)

So many of these pretty winged displays of His artwork, no eyes but His ever sees. They are hidden away in the remote rainforests of the Amazon. If Daddy God puts this much exquisite loveliness into a bird of such simple, forgotten existence… how much more careful thought does He put into your existence, which is everlasting?

We see splashes of color like this, and we stop and take notice. Through them, we get glimpses into God’s enjoyment of making things wonderful. They stir something warm and joyful in our inner being.

How much more does the sight of you stir God’s own soul with gladness?

Pause. Listen with your spirit. Can you hear Him communicating to you right now how precious you are to His heart?


Special thanks to Mandy Hackland on Discovering the Rainbows! Her recent post got Holy Spirit talking to me about this 😊.


Has creation recently spoken to you of our Creator? I’d love to hear about it!

23 thoughts on “You… Far More Precious Than Amazonian Blue Birds

  1. I am so grateful my brief post enabled you to have such a beautiful conversation with Holy Spirit. Last week, in a walk in the forest near my home, we saw other examples of God’s palette . Whilst we did not manage to take any photos, both birds are worth googline : the Narina Trogon and the Knysna Loerie. Fabulous colours, and the loerie has scarlet underwings which are visible in the forest when it glides through the trees. Truly we worship an almighty God with a glorious imagination!

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  2. Wow! I sent a card to a friend with little blue birds sheltering in a tree and she saw God in it, as what I didn’t know is that she had been painting cabinets in her house with, you guessed it: little blue birds. I had included Ezekiel 17:23 in the card:
    All kinds of birds will find
        shelter under the tree,
    and they will rest in the shade
        of its branches.

    I am going to send her this post of yours and I am also going to pray some more about it.

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  3. This is such an inspiring post. Understanding that God provides for all his creations takes away any worries we have.
    I remember fondly of watching the beautiful birds in the jungle. Thank you and take care. Scott

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  4. I remember when my daughters were very small peeking in at them sleeping one night. My heart swelled with love for them, and very quietly I heard the Lord whisper something like “I love you like that, and more.” It blew my mind!!! It changed me! But that was a long time ago and I don’t always stop to take notice at all though big and small ways he shows his love to me. I don’t have any Amazonian bluebirds out here in Massachusetts, but we do have stunning Fall foliage. When I hike tomorrow with some friends I will pause to listen and feel His presence. 💗

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    1. Smiling feelling a deep peace, reading your words. Isn’t it amazing how He comes up with so many unique expressions of beauty all over the world? We don’t have fall foliage here because, so close to the equator, we don’t feel any change of season all year! I am in shorts and a tank top right now and that’s reality all year long :D. Took some getting used to, Christmastime, when I first moved here, but I’m well adapted to it now. Anyway, oh for increased sensitivity to the beauty He has put everywhere!

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  5. Beautiful photo and post. Thank you. Is it ok for me to copy your picture?. I have a file called just birds and it has collected images that truly make my heart sing as I worship and thank God.

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  6. May each of our lives be a splash of His color to the world around us… It will take the all of us to reveal the full tapestry of His wonder.

    Great post.


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