User-Friendly Prayer Life

Hello dear ones! I’m baaaack! I am truly excited to join you all again, now that my shoulder is substantially improved. I’d be glad for your ongoing prayers, though, because it’s at about 90% healed and still needs a little bit more. Jesus is a Faithful and True Healer, and I am profoundly grateful for His goodness to me!

I took advantage of my time off to seek the Lord about the upcoming season of blogging and podcasting. He gave me some new direction for Audio Devo Day — as you can see, I am changing it from Fridays to Mondays. The even more significant change is in the format. Instead of typing out a devo and reading it as an audio version, I sense Him leading me to record for you a more spontaneous flow of prepared devotional thoughts. So from here on out, on Mondays, you will find the audio devo/podcast as my post for the day, replacing the old format. It will have substantially less typed text to accompany it.

Today, we launch a brand-new series! Do you wish that you had a better prayer life… but it just feels a little out of reach? I have some wonderful news for you. If you can find a new way of THINKING about prayer, you can also come into a new way of EXPERIENCING prayer. Some amazing discoveries await you…

Without further ado, here is Episode Number One of our brand new series, “User-Friendly Prayer Life!” Be richly blessed as you listen here:

(Know someone else that needs to hear this today? You can either share today’s blog link with them, or look up my Feeding on Jesus podcast for sharing and subscribing. You’ll find it at these links on iTunesGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and most other podcast platforms, with episodes identical to these audio devos!)

21 thoughts on “User-Friendly Prayer Life

  1. So glad you are back and happy to hear that your shoulder is so much better. Enjoyed listening to the new series and the casual spontaneous flow.
    Prayer, a vital part of our life in Christ.

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  2. Weeping. Thank You, thank You, Jesus for Your desire for us to KNOW You and believe You.

    So many affirmations in what You shared. Tears of conviction and joy. Thank you for following the Holy Spirit’s promptings. This is SUCH a blessing to my heart.

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  3. I adore how God works, and I’m so blessed that He showed me your podcast. I just wrote about that wise man and his house upon a rock on my own blog! I love how God weaves us all together with one mind to serve Him.

    God is doing a thing! Always!

    I will be praying total healing for you, as well. 💖

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