Still Here: To Bear Fruit


“If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me.” (Phil. 1:22, ESV)

What an outlook! What assurance! What inspirational lenses through which to view life! Here, Paul is modeling for us the correct perspective for daily living. You and I are on Planet Earth for a very real, very distinctive purpose: fruitful labor!

The context of this passage is a deliberation about what is better: living or dying. Amazingly, Paul asserts emphatically in the next verse that dying is “better by far!” No, he wasn’t suicidal or walking around with a death wish. He was simply captured by the revelation that eternity with Jesus is going to be incomparably better than even the most sublime moments we will ever savor before then.

However, he landed on the conclusion that he was still needed Earth-side, and he was going to need to stick around for a while yet. Full of the revelation of eternity, he expressed that he was living every day in the body dramatically impacted by Heaven’s reality. Full of resolve. Full of determination. Full of purpose.

To him, every day meant fruit. There was no waffling or wavering or wondering, Am I actually making a difference? On the contrary, he was brimming over with the assurance that everywhere he went, he brought God’s presence into the atmosphere.

He communicated this absolute surety in other places as well. For example, he wrote to the Romans, “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established” (Rom. 1:11, NKJV). This statement reveals Paul’s outright certainty that his physical presence would be a channel of God’s impartation to these brothers and sisters that he loved.

I believe the Father wants to impart some of that same confidence to you today. He is telling your heart, “I had all of eternity past to meditate on the making of your life. With precise intentionality and flawless calculation, I made My decision to strategically place you where you are. Every day that I give you is saturated with My purpose. I don’t waste anything that is Mine.

“Receive the confidence that, everywhere you walk, you are a conduit of My presence. Receive the conviction that every one of your days carries importance and meaning. In you, I fashioned a breathtaking masterpiece. You are a gift. Walk with lightness in your gait and a song in your heart, grasping My word to you that the light inside of you is a blessing to everyone you encounter!”


Do you believe that every day of your life is critically important?


8 thoughts on “Still Here: To Bear Fruit

  1. Oh, absolutely. The kind word, the extra minute we give someone may not seem like much to us, but may vitally important to them. We must never become so wrapped up in our own business that we miss the chance to extend a hand to others and make a difference.

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  2. “Amidst the train horn of brokenness, rawness, and vulnerability, Jesus sends his Spirit who speaks with a still small voice, whispering, ‘Stay on mission.’ Don’t lose sight of your planted purpose on planet earth—to demonstrate good news living and to declare the good news life.” (Josh Laxton)

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    1. Yes, she is! How glorious that must be for her! I am again praying right now in this moment for the Holy Spirit’s tangible strength and comfort and healing for you. May you feel His everlasting arms holding you up and holding you close.


  3. Just tonight I was talking to my girlfriend after she had been at a community night with the group of university students and other members of our church congregation, sharing fellowship and food and God’s word together. I had been at home watching a movie with my two flatmates, my sister and her partner, and really not doing much at all and it felt very… different? Not necessarily bad, but like it wasn’t easy to invite God into that space, or like there was something more fruitful I could have been spending my time doing, with others still of course.

    We all have those feelings of “is there something I should be doing?” but there’s a combination of things at the moment which are making me think deeply about where I am at this moment, physically and spiritually with God.

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