God Wants to Talk to You

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“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears…” (Isa. 50:4-5, NIV).

Recently I shared with you how Holy Spirit was talking to me about a seed that I found on the ground in the jungle. Here’s another thought about that. God was the One who put that seed there in my path. My husband tells me that we don’t have trees like the one it came from on our jungle property. The wind brought it from somewhere beyond our property line. Daddy directed the wind in a precise way so that I would discover His message to me, lying on the ground in front of my feet. He also selected an item that He knew would draw my attention… because He loves to talk to me.

He loves to talk to you, too. Take a look at the Scripture for today. What a precious word! In it, the Lord is promising to communicate with us morning by morning. He is promising to open our ears so we will know what He is saying to us. And this promise is not even in the future tense; it’s in past tense! Which means it’s a done deal. This brings me so much comfort.

I need that comfort because sometimes I am tempted to be afraid that I won’t be able to hear Him adequately. Do you ever face that same temptation? Where you get nervous that you are going to get in the way of God successfully getting His message across to you? Like maybe you won’t listen well enough, and you’ll miss something hugely important? Or maybe you won’t correctly interpret or understand what He’s trying to say?

Here’s even more reassurance about this. As I was meditating on these verses, Holy Spirit pointed out their connection with another one in the same chapter: “Is my hand too weak to deliver you? Do I lack the power to rescue you?” (v. 2, NET). In other words, He is asking you and me, “Am I not strong enough to save you from your imperfection? Do I not have enough power to make up for your weakness in listening? Do you not believe that My ability to communicate effectively will trump your inability to hear correctly?”

Something a pastor I admire wrote helps bring this reassurance home to me. One of his sons is hard of hearing. He emphatically expressed that, as a father, he has taken on the responsibility to make sure his son is understanding what he is saying to him. Whether he has to talk louder, get closer, or whatever measure he has to take to ensure successful communication, he will eagerly put in the extra effort. Of course he will. He loves his son so dearly.

How much more does our heavenly Daddy love you? How much more will He make sure that you are getting His message? How much more will He save? How much more will He rescue? How much more will He awaken your ears morning by morning to hear as one being taught?

You are the apple of His eye, dear one. Rest deeply in knowing that He will make sure.


In what ways has God encouraged you in your journey of getting to know His voice?

8 thoughts on “God Wants to Talk to You

  1. I feel blessed that God has always communicated often and clearly to me. More surprising, I can see that the Holy Spirit was working on me long before I actually was saved. I look back at so many things that happened in my life before I was saved and see God’s hand guiding me to Him in many times and ways. It amazes me that I was so dense and it took so long but He never gave up on me.

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  2. From the age of six I had a hunger to find the TRUTH because of personal experience of guidance and concerns that maybe I was a witch as I could sense the Spirit world. Thank God for my life journey until I came to KNOW THE God of the Spirit world, God the Holy Spirit, and the Shepherd Saviour, who speaks to His children .
    Thank you for your post.


  3. Yes! God does not need us, in our imperfection, to figure Him out, in His perfection. He knows how to be plain with us and obvious enough for us to understand what He says. I do think that sometimes we need to limit the noise so we can properly hear, but if we refuse, and He wants to speak, He will turn the volume down for us. We just miss the sweetness of having made our hearts ready and anxious to listen. Thank you for this blessed reminder!

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  4. Repetition. Calmly and quietly telling me what I need to hear with audible words, written words that I journal, and conversation with close friends about what I think God is trying to tell me. These all help me decipher how to listen more closely to what *God* is saying.

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