Sixteen Ways to Hear from God (Part 1)


“Listen, because I have important things to say, and what I tell you is right” (Prov. 8:6, NCV).

Are you needing to receive a word from God about the next step to take? I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to share, between today and tomorrow, a list of possible ways He might get His personal message to you. This list is by no means exhaustive but should give you a good idea of how creative God can get. I will let you in on approaches that He has used with me… I encourage you to try them out, if you haven’t already!

  1. Reading time with children. I have, on occasion, been moved to tears, reading comic book Bible stories to my kids. There’s something about literature geared towards the vivid imagination of children that can be very compelling. Holy Spirit can even use a book not specifically Christian. Just yesterday, He dropped a word into my spirit for a family member, straight out of a story I read to my youngest the day before. It didn’t have a single Scripture reference in it, but it was exactly what my relative needed to hear (and was certainly a biblical principle).
  2. Worship music lyrics. Holy Spirit has often made me laugh by coordinating uncanny timing with this one. He’ll stir me to put on a certain worship album, by causing the lyrics of one of its songs to play in my spirit. Then, He’ll begin speaking to my heart about some topic. And exactly right after I hear Him speaking, a lyric from the album will sing out the exact message He just spoke, one second later. I can just sense Him smiling at me as I chuckle in delight.
  3. Bringing pieces of Scripture to memory. Often Daddy will invite me onto a treasure hunt by whispering three or four words of a verse that I read long before. It’s not a verse that I have committed fully to memory, so I pull out my YouVersion app and start looking for it. It may take some extra digging, but once I find what He was getting out, every single time, it breathes life powerfully into my spirit. It’s well worth the extra effort.
  4. Email list devos. I receive devotional material from six different lists, every day. I even have an email address dedicated exclusively to this purpose. I don’t read every single devo closely, but I always open them up to see if Holy Spirit will spark something in my heart through the title or opening verse. I can’t tell you how many times He has given me a key word for my life through this means.
  5. Consecutive Bible reading. You very well might find His answer when you simply open up to exactly where you left off in the Word. I’m amazed by how Daddy can orchestrate the timing of this kind of communication. I have found, countless times, that when I open up my Bible to continue with my reading, the exact word that I need, for that exact day, is right there.
  6. Lines from movies, shows, programs, and ads. If God can use a donkey to relay His message, He can certainly use Hollywood. Now, I wouldn’t suggest increasing your amount of tv and movie intake in search of a word from Heaven. Many of us would probably benefit from cutting back on these things, and/or getting much stricter about what content we are willing to watch.
    That being said, He can undoubtedly whisper to your heart through whatever film or show you do enjoy. A few years ago, He gave me one of the most important words of the year, right out of an ad that kept playing for the World Cup. Even better, it was a jingle that got stuck my head. His message was on repeat inside me, going deeper and deeper into my soul!
  7. The written word all around. Everywhere you look, there are words on display. Billboards, posters, street signs, book titles, names of businesses, bumper stickers, menus, and on and on. If you train your heart to be listening for Holy Spirit, He will often use the words you see around you to speak to you. I remember, nearly twenty years ago, when I was in traffic, in a quandary and praying. I looked up, and God’s answer was spelled out on the license plate of the car in front of me. I shook my head in wonder! (Read about another example here.)

Check back in tomorrow for the rest of the list!


What is the most creative way God has used to get a message through to you?

17 thoughts on “Sixteen Ways to Hear from God (Part 1)

  1. Hahaha. This very post may qualify as an example of #4. I posted last night, “… I have often wondered how I would know when God is calling me to act in a particular way. I feel that God is calling me now in an unexpected way, and I am praying that I grow in my understanding and certainty that I am surrendering to His will …” and then I woke up this morning to read this post. I totally love God’s sense of humor!

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  2. One day a few years back I was feeling very down. I asked the Lord to send me His smile in the sky. I don’t know why I asked that, and I didn’t know what that would even look like.
    I kept looking out the window during the day, and finally in late afternoon I went to a park and laid in the grass. I looked up at the clouds and saw all kinds of funny-shaped clouds including a beaver and Wile E coyote. Of course His message was that He truly cares about me, that He knows me and loves me and knows how to cheer me up.

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  3. My girlfriend provides great gentle reminders to think about where God is speaking to me, even through times of pain and struggle. Music is definitely a big one for me, hearing lyrics that describe an action to take, or of courage that He is providing me to push forward into where He is guiding me. Thank you for both halves of this list! 🧡

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