Daddy God’s Relatable Communication Style

sheep talking

“And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Jeremiah, what do you see?’ And I said, ‘I see an almond branch.’ Then the Lord said to me, ‘You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it’” (Jer. 1:11-12, ESV)

Daddy makes His communication relatable for us. Here we have the example of His intimate, personal communication with Jeremiah. To those of us who speak English primarily (or any language other than Hebrew), this dialogue does not make much sense. But to the prophet, it was a message that went right to his heart.

Here’s why. “Almond” is shaqed in Hebrew. “Watch” is shaqad. As you can see, these two words sound extremely similar in the original tongue. Daddy was using a play on words that would be meaningful to this beloved son. The almond tree was part of Jeremiah’s familiar world. Holy Spirit spoke through a personalized symbol so it would be easy for the prophet to grasp what He meant.

Herein lies an extremely important lesson to internalize about God’s communication style. He comes right to your level, right into your private world. He will speak to you in the symbols of your own heart. He will use language that is easy for you to comprehend. He will come onto images and pictures out of your own life experience. He takes responsibility to make His messages understandable to you.

I have a friend whose relatives work at Disney World. She has spent an extensive amount of time there as a result, and loves all things Disney. So Holy Spirit gave her a dream set in the context of the Magic Kingdom. In symbolic pictures, it spoke right to the heart of what was transpiring in her spiritual life at the time.

This principle is true of Daddy’s dream communication with us, and also of His waking communication with us. Take this for example: A few years ago, I had set aside a period of thirty days to seek Him earnestly about a vitally important decision I needed to make. This decision was going to have weighty implications for the rest of my life, so I told Him I needed something exceedingly clear. I asked for “writing on the wall.”

Not long afterwards, I was visiting another city. I went into a restaurant I’d never seen before and sat down. My eyes wandered around, taking in the décor. Suddenly, I noticed that the walls were covered with hand-written quotes and messages. Mind you, these were not framed. They were literally written onto the wall, creating a unique decorative style for this particular eatery. One of the sentences closest to me spoke exactly to the critical decision I was laying before the Lord. I could sense Him smiling, pleased with Himself, as He whispered to my heart, “There you have it. Your writing on the wall.”

Deuteronomy 30:11-14 expresses this truth about Daddy’s messages to us beautifully: “This commandment I am giving you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it too remote. It is not in heaven, as though one must say, ‘Who will go up to heaven to get it for us and proclaim it to us so we may obey it?’ And it is not across the sea, as though one must say, ‘Who will cross over to the other side of the sea and get it for us and proclaim it to us so we may obey it?’ For the thing is very near you – it is in your mouth and in your mind so that you can do it (NET, bold emphasis mine).

His leading, His guidance, His voice, is not too difficult for you. It’s not too remote. It’s not far, far away. You don’t need someone else to reach God for you, and deliver His words to you. He takes extremely seriously His responsibility to make them accessible to you, His precious child. So they are very near you. They are in your mind. He deposits them directly into your thoughts, “so that you can do it.”

He comes right into your world. What do you spend your time on? You’ll find Him there, reaching out to you. If you like Instagram, He’ll speak to you through Instagram. If in a few years, you develop an affinity for a different social media outlet, He will switch to that one for you. If you love football, He’ll find a way to slip a message to you through the game, if you are looking for it. If you go to a certain store frequently, He’ll set up a message for you there. Always have a certain radio station on? Listen in for what He might say through the programming.

He literally is speaking to us throughout every day. We just need to develop spiritual eyes and ears that are paying attention.

“Anyone who has ears should listen!” (Matt 13:9, HCSB)


How has God come into your personal world with His communication? What symbols meaningful to you alone has He used to speak to you?


44 thoughts on “Daddy God’s Relatable Communication Style

  1. This is true God is making Himself available 24/7 365 days of each year but you’re right we have to be opening our hearts to Him and be discerning what He is showing and telling us via the very symbolic world around us.

    It just makes me think of this Scripture now, “8Yet if he shall continue knocking, I say to you, although he will not rise and give him because he is his friend; yet, because of his importunity, he will rise and give him as many as he needeth. 9And I say to you: Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you. 10For every one that asketh receiveth: and he that seeketh findeth: and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Luke 11:9
    He is always here but are we truly listening and seeking?
    Today I had a couple of blog postings ha had direct connection to a few that came to me at the opportune moment.

    God bless you!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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      1. Of course you’re welcome Jennifer my dear Sister in Christ Jesus! I loved reading what you wrote and I’m so happy if a few of my words made a modicum of difference in your day!

        I will try to look for you more soon; and please take care as you serve our Father’s will in heaven. Amen.

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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  2. 😍😍thanks for sharing. For me it one time was always novels, I would be thinking about some particular thing , asking questions, then coincidentally find myself with a novel on that exact topic and sometimes it felt like God had literally taken me through exactly what that probably 18’s author wrote before getting me the book, the wording would be exact and I would be so wowed . I read alot of novels then and still do but nowadays I’m not as sure as I used to be then that He had used a book to get to me. 😇

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    1. That is amazingly cool, Emilly! I know EXACTLY the feeling you are describing. It’s the coolest feeling in the world when you know in such a dramatic way that God is speaking right to you in such a clear and loving way!

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  3. Thank you for this. Blessings!
    WRITING my memoirs has taken me back and your blog encourages me to keep telling it as it was and is for me. He often spoke to me through visionary journeying using stories with animals etc. His Presence brought PEACE in the valley but my journey was often in a way I COULD personally relate to. Sharing helped others around also. I will write on through my personal radium valley and the beauty HE led me through there.

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  4. I love this and it is so true! The Holy Spirit does His job of reminding us all that we have been taught in God’s Word and He does that in a way that we recognize and understand. He doesn’t want God’s instruction and encouragement to us to be mysterious and difficult to grasp. He makes it plain and relatable so we can hear and obey. I often wonder why people get so tripped and frustrated, trying to hear God. I really believe that when it is the right time for me to know something, He will make it abundantly clear.

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    1. I really, really like how you expressed that, Mama Lava. Your words remind me of how He wants us to live in childlike trust in Him for everything we need, including His guidance. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this 🙂 🌹

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      1. Jennifer… you took the words out of my head before they could get to my mouth! That is why I just added what I did to Mamalava’s great comment! Great work by both of you on your very helpful and insightful blog posting!
        God bless.

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    2. Yes Mamalava;
      Great point and all I’d like to add to illustrate what you said so well is how my dad when I was growing up would tell me things about Jesus and God Almighty’s love for us, but also what He expects from us! When we got to the part about doing the right thing and God’s will he said, “son when you did some little thing that you were told not to do by your mother or me and you did it anyway, you knew you did wrong didn’t you; to which I said well sure I knew mom said not to sneak any cookies before dinner and that sort of thing, to which dad said, “exactly right and how did you know you were wrong not to follow your mother’s instructions, to which I remember saying because she said not to, and I knew I didn’t obey her which I should have, then dad said, “right again, because we as your parents love you and only want you to do what’s best for you so we teach you, but, God gave you a “conscience” just for that reason, so you will always know when you’re going to do something wrong and “God tells you” through that built in conscience not to do the wrong thing; or sin!”

      So you and my dad are perfectly right; God made it so easy to be loving and obedient to His will and accept His loving guidance, which we even learn and know about as babes! Amen.

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      1. “Dad the best of the best” and I say this from my deepest heart as it is absolutely true! I’m a way different personality who grew up having it way easier in most regards so I tell you, I wish I could be half the man as Dad!

        So kind and gracious of you to say what you did and it hit my heart so well; thank you very much; I appreciate it totally Jennifer! Amen.

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      2. Aw, it warms my heart to hear you speak of him with so much honor and love! I know there is a blessing on your life for honoring your father. And I know this brings your heavenly Father much joy 🙂

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      3. Thank you Jennifer my Christian Sister! I really appreciate that it’s very special and I feel it!

        I hope in all hopes that I’ve given our heavenly Father more of those offerings of joy much more than the sadness I sent out over the years!

        Just had a conversation with one of my sisters and we tend to talk a lot about our faith and Jesus these days. What I said that really was very important over mu of what we said was, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” I clarified that saying to me it’s like what happened to Adam and Eve, things could have been so fine for them and for each of us from the time we’re born but he flesh material life here in a fallen state broken and imperfect with carnal knowledge knocks us down all he time if it can.

        Sins of the flesh happen everywhere, but it’s more, even our pride or emotions that are broken and not Godly most of the time being imperfect which directs our outward behaviors causing us to sin in so many ways! I know just losing my temper and cussing ,all because my flesh is weak in some way, but even though I know in my heart of hearts I want to be a very good servant and child of God’s, I really do most of the time, but I’m a failure like any one of us here on earth and the only way I can rise above this or escape it finally is of course with Jesus Christ holding my right hand and lifting me up out of the mire and weakness of the flesh; that wants its own way in so many situations.

        Me, it’s usually sweets and I give in to eating those things that can eventually ruin health and kill, so I work on it harder lately saying no I won’ buy those chocolate bars or those ginger cookies I crave and will discipline my hunger bangs those flesh desires; which are not always willing and able to follow the souls directives! It’s all a battle isn’t it, not just spiritually but also just the day to day struggle of being in these vessels! Someday we will be home at last and know true peace and joy without ever a single tear or regret; but for now we do struggle and have a job to do! Amen.

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      4. Thank you Jennifer… and we are all troubled without a doubt! Some try to hide it and others get almost numb or like the deer in the headlights reaction as I see this! It’s a global atrocity so there isn’t any place to run and hide either; so these tyrants have finally initiated their hideous plan to subdue and control.
        Thank you for the prayerful thoughts and I pray the same for you; and may you be in the Lord’s constant glory as well!

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  5. Thank you for this, Jennifer. I had never thought of God’s Words coming to me in this way. In addition I would say that God WANTS to commune with us, and as we yield to Him and express our desire to commune with Him, He will reveal Himself to us.
    I see this in my life mostly in making decisions and seeking His guidance in these choices. So I pray, “God, I feel you moving me this way. Please stop me if I’m going the wrong way!” He has done exactly that several times.
    Thanks again for this perspective!

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    1. You are so very welcome, Cheryl! I am delighted to know that it blessed you. And yes, He is so wonderfully good at showing us if He has an alternate, better choice for us to take 🙂 (I am just now catching up on comments, after enjoying some wonderful visitors from the U.S.)


  6. Abba has spoken directly to me through songs more than any method other than Scripture. He truly does speak in the language of our hearts.💕

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  7. Amen to this! I find I too often look for time separate from the things I do in my every day life, unintentionally making time with God another thing on my daily to-do list rather than inviting Him into every moment, and accepting His desire to be present in every moment if I only look with open eyes, open ears, and open heart.

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