He Sees You

Eye seeing suffering

“…From the body of my mother He has named my name.” (Isa. 49:1b, AMPC)

Has this ever happened to you? You heard about a tragedy happening somewhere else in the world, and felt numb to it. However, you then saw the evening news featuring the personal story of someone in the midst of that tragedy – and all of a sudden, your heart was deeply moved for that individual?

What was the difference?

The difference was that you saw a person.

Today, God wants you to know that He sees you. And in the most loving of tones, He is speaking your name.

Sometimes, we have an impression of Him that imagines Him as peering down to earth from Heaven, only taking in the macro picture. Looking through these lenses, we humans look smaller than ants, just dots barely visible on the map. After all, there are masses of us. Droves. Hordes. Multitudes. Surely too many to keep efficient track of us all.

He wants to gently let you know that this a false concept of Him. Yes, He does see the big picture. He sees the entire massive tragedy in every hurting sector of the globe where catastrophe is transpiring right now.

However, He also sees the personal story. He sees the devastating impact on each and every individual affected, even if the news camera never captures him or her. He has an astonishing capacity to both flawlessly oversee the macro and give consummate attention to the micro.

Think about the way your heart is touched with that individual’s grief on the news bulletin. That is the tiniest glimpse of how much your Father cares about you. Your own story, your own triumphs, and your own pain are intensely important matters to Him. Whatever happens to you, He takes it personally.

He knows everything about you in a profoundly intimate way. He has been studying you your entire life. He cherishes every nuance of your personality. He loves your laugh and the sparkle of your eyes. He is aware of what’s on your mind right now. He sees you. And He cares. Oh, how He cares!

You are never, ever, ever lost in the crowd. Daddy has named your name.


How does knowing that you are seen, intimately known, and passionately loved inform the way you life your life today?

4 thoughts on “He Sees You

  1. My girlfriend has been reminding this past weekend that God is with me every step of the way. He loves me through all my struggles, all my triumphs, and even when it seems like I can’t find His voice or His presence, He is there.

    Thank you for this post. ❤

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      1. It is a very new thing. A couple of months getting to know each other. She is very kind, and provides gentle encouragement to turn back to God when things are not going as in would like.

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