An Amazing Perspective

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Rom. 8:28, NLT).

The other day, I read the testimony of a seasoned minister who recently recovered from a severe case of covid. It was the most miserable that he had ever felt in his life, he reported. And yet, when he was diagnosed with the disease, he got excited. The reason for this, he explained, was that he knew that God was going to do something wonderful through it… which is exactly what happened. Throughout his illness, he felt the Lord’s presence in an exquisitely close way, closer than he ever had experienced before.

I was amazed by his perspective. To get excited upon receiving a covid diagnosis? Holy Spirit used his story to breathe fresh life into this verse for me: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds…” (James 1:2, NIV). Frankly, I needed this refresher. In my own life, the hits have been coming hard lately. So… I receive this perspective shift from Holy Spirit! How about you, my friend? Are you needing this too? Well, I’ll tell you this. Everything that you and I are facing right now is a setup for God to do something marvelous for us.

A big part of the reason for this is simply God’s nature. It’s in the essence of His character to take the bad things that happen to us and transform them into something exceedingly good for us. He will always, always make up for the way that we suffer with overwhelmingly more goodness than what we have lost. What He does with it will be exceedingly greater on the “good scale” than the suffering was on the “bad scale.” That’s just who He is.

Daddy God also wants to remind us that we cannot outgive Him. The more you give to Him, the more He cannot contain Himself, and He pours out even more goodness on you – that good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over – He pours it right into your lap from His overflowing heart. This principle applies in the area of your devotion to Him through painful trials. When you give to Him your faithfulness, even when you are enduring severe adversity, He just can’t help Himself. He receives that as worship, and His heart overflows. In response, His goodness spills over to you in abundance.

Also consider this. Justice is an essential part of His nature too. Taking what has been done wrong and making it right is an expression of His very being. That is why the Psalms exclaim, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne” (Ps. 97:2, NKJV). Justice is one of the main components of His throne, of the way He rules the universe. Just as He established physical laws like gravity to govern physical reality, He established spiritual laws that govern spiritual reality. And one of them is this: He will always turn what tried to hurt His kids into something that brings them immeasurable blessing. He will always make it up to you and me, with goodness beyond what we could ask or imagine.

So… are you facing something really hard right now? There really is legitimate reason to get excited. He cannot deny His name; His very nature. Get ready for an overflow of His extravagance up ahead!


Have you ever gotten excited when something painful was happening to you, because you knew God was going to do something amazing with it?

22 thoughts on “An Amazing Perspective

  1. Your post reminded me of when I was diagnosed with my first brain tumour, after the initial shock I became excited for the opportunity for Father God to do marvellous things with my condition.

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      1. Hi Jennifer, yes there is at least one post about that time. It seems strange to be so vague, but I have serious memory problems due to my brain injury. I will havea look.

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      2. Further to your request Jennifer, I pondered this and came to the conclusion it was a Divine appointment. I have gathered my brain tumour posts together to post in a single post today. Look out for them sister!

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  2. I needed to be reminded of this today, especially in regard to something my own kiddo is going through. God will certainly use it for his good. Thank you!

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  3. Thank you for the reminder. God really is awesome. My first diagnosis of breast cancer was a shock. He led me and taught so many lessons and even humour and a JOY with His Presence deeper than I had ever known before. The scripture is TRUTH.

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    1. Wow! I can only begin to imagine just how much of a shock. How beautiful to hear of HIs faithfulness to you through it all, Faye! Do you have any links you could share here of posts about that experience?


  4. When I first became a Christian 41 years ago, Romans 8:28 was such a meaningful verse to me. I also like James 1:2 very much, which you quoted; a related verse is Acts 5:41, where we are told the apostles were “rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.” The first time I read that, I was in a state of wonder; then, when I taught for a few years in a Third World country where believers suffer for their faith, I understood it.

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  5. I don’t think I get “excited” in painful moments. My faith is more likely to keep me level-headed about enduring suffering, keeping fresh the idea that I’m at that moment for a reason. There’s something I can learn from the event that will make me a better follower once the sun shines again.

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    1. I’m with you, Mike. I so far have not have the experience that minister shared. I keep asking the Lord to produce more and more of the fruit of joy in my life, and I’m thankful that’s His job as I abide in Him. Level-headed steadfastness is so very important too!


  6. Right now, my trials seem small. But almost ten years ago to the day, I was diagnosed with depression and advised to take some time off paid work to rest and recuperate. A diagnosis is not a necessary thing to inform us that we are experiencing mental distress, but it was something that cemented in my mind that I needed to change something, and fast.

    Over the following ten years I experienced terrible days, and some good days. But over time, the past three years in particular, with intentionality and the support of family and friends, a loving life group who encourage prayer for all things, I continue to move closer to God. I now see the signs of when things are starting to slide early and can do something about it. God has also helped me to be more aware of others, both to offer support when I can, and also to remind me their struggles are not mine to bear – even for those I love most dearly like my mother and father.

    This has been the greatest gift God has given me, the desire to share love and kindness with everyone, in all areas of my life: work, ultimate frisbee, blogging, writing books and making music, conversations with family, friends, and friends I haven’t yet met. I still fail sometimes, get angry, frustrated, feel resentment, but nowhere near as often, and I know to lay this down at Jesus’ feet.

    Thank you for asking these questions, Jennifer. 🧡 And thank you God for your steadfast love.

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