Our Thoughts Naked and Exposed… Why?


“This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel… so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed (Luke 2:34b-35a, NIV; bold emphasis mine).

“For the word of God… exposes our innermost thoughts and desires. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes” (Heb. 4:12-13a, NLT; bold emphasis mine).

Why would God want to expose our thoughts? 

Now, that is a great question… and the Bible has an array of enriching answers for it. Here are a few of the most fundamental ones:

  • Our thoughts produce emotions. For example, multiple places in the book of Daniel use variants of this phrase: “My thoughts greatly troubled me.” Thoughts can either bring about emotional disturbance, or emotional wellbeing.
  • Our thoughts produce actions. This is true of God, and it’s true of us, made in His image. Jeremiah 23:20 describes God executing the thoughts of His heart. This is how it works with us, too. Every important action we will ever perform in this life will have its origin in a thought.
  • Our thoughts produce outcomes. Jeremiah 6:19 contains the phrase “the fruit of their thoughts.” The thoughts we choose to meditate on determine the fruit our lives will produce, whether good or bad. They carve out the path that we will walk on. They set our feet moving forward in a direction that will bring forth either life, or death.

Your future is extremely fertile, and your thoughts are the seeds that determine what will grow there. This is why Daddy wants to expose our thoughts. He cherishes us fiercely. He is jealous over the breathtaking plans He has laid out for us. And He knows that our thoughts are the seeds of our destiny. Our thoughts will either enable us to develop into the fullness of what He has dreamed for us… or not.

“For as the thoughts of [a person’s] heart are, so is he…” (Prov 23:7, BBE). Our thought life will ultimately shape who we are. Since Daddy longs to give us a life of ever-increasing blessings, He mirrors back to us what is in our thoughts. His Word opens us up before Him and examines the inside of us. It lays bare the core of us. He lovingly, firmly challenges us to let Him root out what should not be growing there, that He might give us His very best.


Does being exposed and naked before God feel vulnerable? What if you know that He only gazes on you with the deepest of love?

19 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Naked and Exposed… Why?

  1. In that we are all sinners and unworthy on our own merits, we certainly should feel vulnerable, with contrition for the times when we let our loving Lord down. And that feeling of vulnerability is the first step toward realization that we need to immerse ourselves in His embrace.

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    1. Your thoughts remind me of when my middle daughter was a toddler. I had corrected her sternly for disobeying me. I thought she would withdraw from me for a little while, but instead she ran to me, weeping, and clung to my legs asking for forgiveness. I heard God whisper to me that that’s what He wants me to do when I know that I have disobeyed Him… run into His arms! Thank you so much for sharing, Mike 🙂


  2. Interestingly, in spite of Proverbs 23:7 and many other verses connecting thoughts with actions, the traditional Hebrew view is that a “sin” is only a sin if you “do it,” no matter what you think. In the Ethical Writings of Maimonides, he contends that a man who struggles with desires to sin and overcomes is more virtuous than a man who is not even tempted. There is some sense in what he says, but if you follow it to its logical conclusion, he means that you can think any evil as long as you do not do it.
    Clearly, in both the OT and NT, He who sees our hearts is more concerned with what we think, as that is where all our actions begin. As we take on “the mind of Christ,” He will reform us into His image. Philippians is the best text on human psychology ever written. See Romans 12:2 as well. “We are what we think.”


  3. Thank you for post and comments. I believe as God knows us by our hearts. Our thoughts He also can discern. If HE revealed our thoughts publicly we would be condemned by society and judged. He NOW has died and we are forgiven and revealed thoughts only illuminate how much we need ongoing repentance and His Grace to Know we are only being perfected ……. there is a lot in our minds to be sanctified.

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    1. Amen, Faye. His love covers over a mulititude of sins. Our thoughts are laid bare before Him and not before the rest of the world… by His grace! The very same grace that empowers us to keep changing into His image day by day….


    1. Yes! I am unspeakably thankful for the gift of repentance! To be granted the opportunity to confess to Him my sin, to receive His forgiveness, the washing in His blood, and the gift of His perfect righteousness… just WOW!

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  4. something that we are demanded to do as we become believers is to change our mind to the one declares de Scriptures, the mind of Christ. We have now the mind of Christ and we should start our walk under His guidance and instruction, so we could get to whom we are to be, the image of God and impart His life all over the earth as God’s sons to execute His eternal purpose, reconcile mankind and restore His creation. If we want to keep our own past life thought we will be living as a religious believer ad not as a new and regenerated sons already seated in heavenly realms …

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  5. Thoughts can make or break a person . Thoughts sheared correctly with your loved ones have deeper impact on their personality. You are great thinker jenifer and your writing has good affect on me as I love god as you always say love god .

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    1. “Thoughts can make or break a person.” EXACTLY! Our thought life is so, SO important. Thank you so very much, Avran, for your kind words, I truly am so grateful. I speak blessings over you as you seek to know God more closely and His love! 💗🌹


  6. Thoughts can be powerful. When we work on aligning those with what God wants for us we will find his peace and hope readily available. If we let our thoughts stray we move ourselves away from the safety of God’s embrace. It will always be there, but we have to actively accept it and build that relationship with God too.

    Thank you Jennifer. These words are some I needed to hear this week.

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