The Last Word

It’s audio devo day! Jesus declares to us that He is the Beginning and the End. He ALWAYS gets the last word. In the circumstances you are facing today, He will have His way. Be strengthened in His love as you listen here:

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“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last” (Rev. 22:13, NKJV).

Now here is a Scripture that gives us a magnificent reason not to be afraid. Jesus announces this part of His identity to us with no less than triple emphasis. With three different synonymous phrases, He tells us here who He is. To underscore this essential part of His nature even more, He repeats this title of His four times in the book of Revelation… twice in the beginning and twice in the end. The Beginning and the End.

As you know, Revelation provides us with a detailed description of end times turmoil. Jesus tucks this foretelling of tumult between double-double repetitions of this inexpressibly vital knowledge of Himself. The truth underlying every last depiction of difficulty is this: He IS the Beginning and the End. He wants our hearts to fully receive this. He wants us to rest in this immensely powerful truth, unafraid.

And yet, think about this. He has no beginning and no end (Heb. 7:1,17). He is the eternal One. What, then, does He mean by claiming this name, the Beginning and the End?

In doing so, He is declaring to us His central role in both the birthing of the universe as we know it, and its culmination. He spoke, and the world had its Genesis. As prophesied in the book of Revelation, the end will also unfold under His absolute sovereignty and orchestration.

Not only that, but He adds to His title this unforgettable description: Who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty” (Rev 1:8, NKJV, emphasis mine). He was, and He is to come. And… He IS. His place is not limited to the bookends of history. He is also everything in between. The Almighty. He who sustains the universe by His powerful word (Heb. 1:3).

And He sustains you. What is true for the macro is also true for the micro. What is true for the grand scale of creation is also true for the very brief scale of your lifetime. In Jesus, the vastness of the galaxies are held together. In Him, your personal world is also held together. In your life today, Jesus is the Beginning and the End. No matter what you are going through, He will have the last word.

In your daily living, He is, He was, and He is to come. In your neighborhood, through your front door, and at your dinner table, He is there, He was there, and He always will be. Back at your own starting point, when you were born, His heart rejoiced mightily. He looked at you with indescribable tenderness, and anticipated every moment you would live through in this life. He saw your end from your beginning.

From the moment of your conception until your last breath, He will hold you together. He joyfully took the initiative for your existence and He will powerfully sustain it until the end. He encompasses your beginning, your end, and everything in between. He says to your heart right now, “I will be the same until your old age, and I will bear you up when you turn gray. I have made you, and I will carry you; I will bear and save you” (Is. 46:4, HCSB).

He is the First and the Last. He will have His way in history, and He will have His way in the circumstances you are facing today. Let your heart rest secure. Do not be afraid. The One who loves you more than His life always gets the last word.


Are you aware of Jesus holding you together by His powerful word? What does that mean to you personally?

35 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. HIS living word touches me when I need to hang onto something the most! HIS words fill up my soul when it is dry and needy. PSALM 109: 21-22 “But YOU O Sovereign LORD, deal well with me. Out of the goodness of YOUR love, deliver me. For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.”

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  2. I knew from day one of my recovery (through today!) that Jesus is the only one capable of holding me together. As the years have passed in His presence, He has brought me to deeper places of understanding, which continually leads me to rely on Him all the more!
    Blessings to you Jenn,

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  3. Amen and amen! Thank you, Hamish! . (The late reply is because I was on vacation for the last couple weeks — had preprogrammed the devos that came out during that time on my site. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!)


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