You Do Hear His Voice

“The Father loves the Son and shows the Son all the things he himself does. But the Father will show the Son even greater things than this so that you can all be amazed” (John 5:20, NCV).

Yesterday we talked about how Daddy God takes the lead, and we get to simply follow Him. But what happens when we doubt we are hearing Him? How can we follow if we are unsure of His leading?

The most important thing is to receive this into the depths of your heart: You do hear His voice. Hearing Him and following Him is in your spiritual DNA. Consider this beautiful passage of Scripture: “When he has brought out all his own, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice” (John 10:4, ESV). This is bedrock truth. You are His very own sheep. You hear and know His voice. When you were born again, you were born with this innate capacity. You were also born anew with a spontaneous drive to follow His voice. It’s in the new nature He gave you.

The Good Shepherd loves you. He gives His life’s blood for you. There is no greater price that could be paid for the treasure that you are to Him. As you are His cherished one, He is passionately attentive to your wellbeing. He will see to it that you are on the right path. He will make sure that you hear Him.

I learned this truth in a deeper way from a wonderful man who has a hearing-impaired son. This father was sharing about their relationship. He emphasized how he assumes the responsibility of ensuring that his son hears what he says. He doesn’t leave the burden of successful communication on his son. He does whatever he needs to, to ensure effective dialogue. He checks and double-checks, making certain that his beloved son understands what he is conveying.

You know, Daddy God loves you so much more than any human father ever loved his son! You can rest in His promise to guide you in paths of righteousness. He will see to it that you hear and understand what He is saying to you.

Take one more look at our verse for today. “The Father loves the Son and shows the Son all the things he himself does. But the Father will show the Son even greater things than this so that you can all be amazed.” Did you know that Daddy God loves us just like He loves Jesus? (John 17:23). As co-heirs with Christ, we are privy to the same richness described in this verse. Think of it this way. You know how you want to tell that person closest to you about everything? Whatever you are doing and thinking and feeling, you want to share it with them, right? It’s just like that. Your Daddy loves communion with you. He loves to include you and involve you in His activities, thoughts, feelings, and plans.

You are priceless to Him. He will willingly show you everything He is doing, as you continue to pursue intimacy with Him. Indeed, He will show you greater and greater things, until you are amazed.


What does the Good Shepherd’s voice sound like?

15 thoughts on “You Do Hear His Voice

  1. Excellent post Jennifer. Jesus never raises His voice to get your attention, you have to listen over your own voice and thoughts to hear His. He usually doesn’t repeat Himself either so you have to be careful not to miss it and many times what He says will be 180 degrees out of sync with what you are thinking. You learn to be obedient to His leading and He is always right. It can be as simple as it is time to pray or it could be to speak of God’s love to someone. You just do it. One is able to sense His voice over our own and we do recognize His voice. It doesn’t happen every day but I cherish His leading. And His leading never violates His Word. Blessings!

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    1. How I cherish it too! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this, Bruce. I sure have experienced what you are describing, His leading being SO different from what I would have expected. I really appreciate you sharing that. 🙂

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  2. I love hearing my father’s voice speaking to me. Giving me comfort, when I need it the most. Always telling me to press forward. Even when things are about to change, like being promoted to a new level of learning and persevering a destiny. I think its the unknown part going the extra mile, knowing He is there with me showing me which path to take. Holding me close. Telling me, keep your chin up, you will overcome this by, keep your Faith strong in me. He is gentle and He is kind.

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  3. Letting go of the control I think I have over my life is hard, but it is a healthy decision. God knows and understands better than I ever could. The one decision I know it’s worth making its to fully trust in His love for me, and to share that grace and live with others. It’s tough sometimes, but always worth it.

    Thank you again for sharing God’s light. 🌟

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    1. My pleasure and joy to do so! Amen and amen about surrendering that sense of control to Him in deep trust. I was just listening to a podcast yesterday that was talking about how our trust in Him is absolutely central to Him in priority. It means so much to Him when we trust Him with our everything!

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