God’s DayTimer, Featuring You!


“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed” (Ps. 139:16, NLT).

When something unexpected interferes with your plans for the day, how do you process that? For me, this has been an area in which I have needed much growth. Isn’t it easy to get frustrated and flustered on such occasions? However, Holy Spirit wants to soothe and settle our hearts with His grace when this happens.

As I was reviewing one of my journals from 2016 yesterday, I found an entry that spoke to my spirit on this subject. It was based on our verse for today (above). I would like to share it with you. I often write directly to God in my journals, as you see is the case here:

“You foresee every interruption and every attack I will ever face. You incorporate them into Your perfect plan for my life, building in the space needed for each one. This includes the plan for making sure that everything gets done that needs to. I can rest in that deeply.”

You and I both. We can rest in this profoundly. When Daddy God lay out our entire lifespan in His book, it happened before we took even a breath. He saw everything. He gazed into the future and saw that unanticipated incident that intruded on your To-Do list today. He lovingly integrated it into His beautiful, powerful purposes for you. Not only is it provided for, but He even holds it as a tool of tenderness in His careful hands. As you yield to His sovereign working, He will use it for your good in ways that ultimately amaze you.

My friend, His book is already written. Snuggle in and let Him lead your day. This is the day that He Himself has made for you! Inhale deeply, and then breathe out this prayer of surrender: “My times are in Your hand…” (Ps. 31:15, NKJV).


When it comes to the hours in our day (and so many other things), why do we have such a strong desire to feel like we are in control?

14 thoughts on “God’s DayTimer, Featuring You!

  1. Often times, the line between control and surrender is so narrow ! It has bewildered me for so many years, in matters of free will and God’s plans for me in life. Because we live “in this world” but are not of this world [as a child of God’s] we must confront this question often. The best illustration Spirit has given me is – a straight line moving forward in accordance with God’s plan, then our free will may cause us to change the course for a bit- but we are drawn back in line by God’s grace and mercy – the journey continues to the end. From God’s view, He sees the full course, but we are able to see only the present. At times, God allows me to look in retrospect as SEE where He has intervened yet not over powered my free will – because of His ultimate purpose and love for me. GRACE- getting what I don’t deserve – His gift to each of His children. Love in Jesus Len

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    1. I love how He has explained that to you. That’s perfect. It reminds me of something very similar that He used to teach me that concept: the GPS. If I go past the intended turn, it says, “rerouting” and simply finds the closest way to get me to the same destination. There is always a way! How beautiful and powerful is His grace 🙂


  2. Jennifer, I believe the desire to have/be on control is driven largely by a self-centered attempt to find comfort on our own. As I have written in the past, I am a ‘list’ person. A list of tasks that need doing gives me direction and a sense of accomplishment at completion. There’s nothing wrong with those things, unless they are the only source of my comfort. If they are, the interruptions you spoke of knock the wind out of my sails; I get flustered and frustrated. No where in those responses is there a connection with Holy Spirit.
    The solution, for me, is to seek God first as I make my list, asking that He guide me in placing those things that most please Him on it. When I get my heart and mind in this place, I can much more readily accept any changes as being part of the greater work of God moving forward.
    As always, I’m blessed by the thoughts you share.
    Betsy and I think of and pray for you and your family often,

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    1. Chuck, how do you manage it every single time? Here I am smiling joyfully once again. You certainly have a strong gift of encouragement. I am profoundly grateful for those prayers! Please make sure and give Betsy my love. And I also so appreciate you sharing about how you get into God’s flow for your day. That is wonderful advice for all of us to follow, asking for His guidance in making the to-do list. Thank you!

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