Understanding Your Dreams: Warfare During the Night


“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19, NKJV).

We’ve been discussing all the amazing aspects of God’s nighttime communication with us. However, there is a flipside to this conversation. What about bad dreams, night terrors, and nightmares? Where do these fit in? Today we are going to tackle the more difficult side of dream life: warfare dreams. As we discussed near the beginning of this series, dreams can have three sources: our own soul, God, or the enemy. When a dream comes from the enemy, how do we handle it? Let’s talk about that.

First, though, I want to share a hopeful thought with you. A mentor of mine taught me something years ago that I’ve never forgotten. She explained that the more gifted we are in the area of dreams from God, the more the adversary will want to attack us by that same means. The enemy sees the callings on our lives, and they terrify him. He knows how much damage the gifts on you can do to his kingdom. So, guess what, my dear friend. If you have been viciously attacked as you sleep, you probably have an amazing prophetic gift of dreaming!

Continuing our study, here, then, are a few things to keep in mind about such attacks:

36) Sometimes we fight a real, strategic battle in our dream. I have a pastor friend who experiences this from time to time. She finds herself engaging in battle with the enemy while asleep. She vividly sees the enemy she is facing, finding herself engaged in hand-to-hand combat. It’s almost like virtual reality, except it is real. She takes authority and triumphs!

This tends to happen when she is on ministry trips. Local spiritual enemies get angry that she has come to bless the people in the places she visits. They attack as she sleeps, and her spirit, empowered by Holy Spirit, fights back, and wins. I am absolutely certain that the victories won during her sleep pave the way for powerful ministry during waking hours.

37) We grow in using our authority during our sleep. This is exactly the same principle as growing in our authority during our waking hours. I used to suffer from many more spiritual attacks on my dreams than I do now. Just as Holy Spirit trained me over the years to walk in victory over the enemy while awake, He did so for me in my dream life. I believe that as our faith in His absolute might grows, we access the protection available in His blood more and more.

Remember how the children of God put blood on the lintels of their houses and they were protected from the destroying angel? The blood of Jesus, our perfect Passover Lamb, is over the doors of our hearts. His blood provides perfect protection from all harm. We receive and walk in every provision that He purchased with His blood through faith.

Remember, He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith! (Heb. 12:2). You can rest in this. He who began the beautiful work of perfecting your faith will be faithful to complete it in you. (Phil. 1:6). He will train you to be victorious even as you sleep. Ask Him for this training! Ask, and you shall receive (Matt. 7:7).

38) Take communion. Pray over your sleep while you’re awake. Do this at bedtime, but also do so during your regular prayer time. I would strongly encourage you to make the Lord’s Supper a regular part of this special part of your day. This is a powerful practice that has brought much spiritual victory into the lives of my family, many of my good friends, and me. Communion does not need to be reserved for moments when pastors or priests can lead it. Jesus’ body and blood are for you and me, every day of our lives.

Literally “proclaiming the Lord’s death” over your dreams releases the perfect liberty Jesus bought for you into that aspect of your life (1 Cor. 11:26). Keep a stock of communion elements in your bedroom, and participate with a simple, childlike faith. Thank Him for His sacrifice, availing for you. Decree that all attacks against you are broken off by His blood, as you receive it. Declare that your bedroom and household are an angel-only zone. As you make this a regular part of your prayer life, you will see spiritual atmospheres in your home shift in wonderful ways.

 Check in tomorrow for one more post on the subject of nighttime warfare! (You can find the beginning of this list here).


Have you experienced attacks on your dreams? Do you have any additional insight to share with us about overcoming in this area?

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