God’s Closest Friends

Friends of God

“He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him” (Dan. 2:22, NIV).

How vitally important it is to come to know the Lord’s nature more and more! This verse divulges one of His attributes: that He is a Revealer of mysteries. However, He doesn’t go sharing His secrets freely or lightly. Like any of us, He has a circle of more intimate friends. He loves to share His heart with those who cultivate close relationship with Him.

The other day, I was reading the story of the thief crucified with Jesus, the one who asked to be remembered by Him. As Jesus is ever overflowing with compassion, He was even ministering to others as He was enduring torture worse than we can imagine. He cared so deeply for that that wretched criminal. Wanting to ease the man’s suffering soul, He assured him earnestly that he would be with Him in paradise.

That story reinforces the truth that salvation itself is absolutely free, already paid for. However, that crucified thief never enjoyed the immense privilege that the twelve apostles did: that of walking in intimate communion with Jesus. They were the ones to whom Jesus said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you” (Matt. 13:11, NIV). In that same verse, He said, “but not to them.” Not everyone gets in on His secrets. Only His inner circle does.

Do you long to be His intimate friend? From my childhood, this has been my deepest longing. How do we pursue “inner circle status” with God? This works just like it works with any person: by eagerly investing our time and our hearts in the relationship.

Holy Spirit was whispering to me today about the imagery God uses to describe Himself, that of being shrouded in darkness. For example,

“He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him — the dark rain clouds of the sky (Ps. 18:11, NIV).

“The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was (Ex. 20:21, NIV).

Why is this? This is what He explained to me about it. Darkness symbolizes mystery. Therefore, He surrounds Himself with this covering of darkness to reveal another aspect of Himself: that He is a God of mystery. There are infinite depths of mystery in Him. We could spend the rest of eternity discovering more and more of what He longs to reveal about Himself.

But again, this is not a simple matter; it does not come without a price. Whereas salvation is a gift given “without money and without cost” (Is. 55:1), intimate knowledge of God is costly. It requires a lifetime of devoted discipleship; a lifetime of pursuing His heart. The shroud of darkness around Him symbolizes His protectiveness of His innermost self; the part of Him that He only discloses to those who are the hungriest for Him.

Friend, all of that to say this: here is the reason I diligently write down my God-given dreams. I want to show Him how much I treasure His communication to me. I understand that He yearns to reveal Himself to friends who will truly pursue Him…

…Friends who will show themselves trustworthy of His secrets…

…Lovers of God willing to take the time to ponder at length His symbolic communication…

…Reliable companions who take immense delight in lingering in His company…

…Consistent confidants who prize His every word as more precious than their daily bread…

…Selfless listeners who enthusiastically memorize every detail of His self-disclosure…

…Passionate worshippers who want His closeness more than anything else in this world…

How about you? He’s longing for you. What can you do, today, to pursue deeper communion with Him?

21 thoughts on “God’s Closest Friends

  1. Yes GOD is looking for unconditional loyalty, not anyone who just wants to enrich themselves form a place of vanity or authority that is a very dangerous thing — he gave us the power of free will and look what’s happening xD.

    We can do many marvelous things with GOD’s secrets but this is just something we “can” do, it’s “not” going to happen without responsibility. Responsibility, devotion, and most importantly, the ability to listen.

    As you so wonderfully showed from the scriptures, GOD came in many forms operating in mysterious ways but most of the people he came to, actually listened.

    They actually had patience, and if we really want to be enlightened beyond our dreams, and elevated, we need to listen and develop tolerance; which is the cousin of compassion which is the family of affection.

    Ultimately knowing how to adore GOD and have him close to your heart and soul should be a start to this relationship. If we work on responsibility then principles like loyalty and honesty (especially when no one is looking) will become first-nature to us and we can demonstrate to GOD, by how we as individuals treat other lives, that, we can be blessed with his mercy and esteems.

    It was absolutely gracious to read your words and thoughts on this topic, my friend.

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      1. I am sensationally thankful for your kind feelings towards my sentiments Pata haha.

        Reading your presentations truly make me stop and think about all of the deep insights you share about the bible and life and I am always gleeful at the chance to contribute to your terrific dialogs where ever I can Pata, so your expressions means alot ✌️✌️😂

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  2. I love this intimate knowledge of God comes with a cost. It is a sacrifice and when this pleases God then the secret things He will reveal to us.
    Remember Jesus took Peter James and John and go up the mountain and transfigured. God does not without a reason. It was this week I was saying this. Peter was the spokes man who got the revelation that Jesus was the Christ the son of the Living God. Jesus responded that flesh and blood had not reveal it to him but the heavenly father had gave Peter the revelation. James died early there may be great thing he had done we also have the Book of James in the Bible. John who is John that received the book of Revelation we read today and have great testimonies about his life. John was also called the disciple that Jesus love. I agree God have people because of their commitment they become God’s closest friends.

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    1. Thank you so much, Maurice, for sharing your insights about close friendship with God. Boy, it must have been so amazing to know Jesus in the flesh as those three did! So good about them getting to see Him transfigured, too. May we become closer and closer to Him as His friends!

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  3. Wow! In a dream I had during the night I was standing in the marketplace with two ministers having this same conversation! Wow!

    “You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. 15 No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you….John 15:14-15

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  4. Double wow! I have been seeing the number 2:22 in many places and felt the nudge that it was the Lord communicating with me. Believing it was a scripture reference, I’ve been asking and seeking the Lord for understanding. Not until last night did I realize it’s Daniel 2:22. So, this morning I read through and meditated a bit on that scripture and THEN while I was praying this morning it came to my heart (via Holy Spirit, I now realize) to ask Him to train me to be trustworthy with His secrets! Boy, is this exciting confirmation! ❤️

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  5. Four words God shared with me, led me to the inner gate:


    Remembering this, every single day. Remembering this and ensuring we are living it.

    That we are not drawing, seeking closeness to Almighty God for any other reason but one- TO GET TO KNOW HIM.

    not because we are in need of a healing, or want to perform miracles or witness them, not because we desire more WORK in the missionary work or church, not to help us sing better in the choir, or any other reason but one ‘SEARCHING FOR ALMIGHTY GOD BECAUSE HE ALONE IS THE PRIZE AND REWARD.”

    How many times do we start out this way, and little by little without even noticing we allow other things to creep in…and we begin to use God. And we become blind to this. All of of fall victim to this.

    One gal I remember wanted sooo badly to witness HIS MIRACLES….and i shared with her , that the fact she wanted to witness those miracles so bad, more than just the most important thing..getting to know God and doing something, ANYTHING, for HIM, was preventing her from witnessing those miracles.

    Psalms37:4 ” delight in the lord in all that you do, and He Himself will give you the desires of your heart.

    Be blessed my dear sister in CHRIST. ”

    Sorry for the errors, at work, and typing fast.

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  6. Love your post and also the thoughtful comments of your followers! This reminds me of the famous verse, “Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” We can “find” intimacy with God, but we must earnestly “seek” it.

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