The Partnership of Word and Spirit

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“Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God” (1 Cor. 2:12, ESV).

God never meant for the Scriptures to stand alone. We can only understand “the things freely given us by God” through His Spirit. Only His Spirit can open up to us the wonders concealed in His Word. When we do receive Holy Spirit’s empowering illumination, the Bible becomes an exquisite haven… a pasture thick with live-giving nourishment… a world of poetry, beauty, transformation… a land of enthralling action and daily discovery.

Now, I am not going to pretend that every single time I open the Good Book, I have an epiphany and soar on the heights. Although He surely gives me moments like those, there are other days when my intake of Scripture is more akin to eating a bowl of cereal. It provides the nutrients and fuel for the moment, but is not going to stick out in my memory forever afterwards.

My point is, I don’t want you to read my words and get down on yourself. If your own experience of Bible reading has not yet become alluring or riveting to you, don’t despair! The aim of this devotional is quite the opposite – I earnestly desire to encourage you. God is yearning to bring you into a richer, fuller experience of His Word.

Today’s pertinent nugget is simply this: Don’t try to conquer the Scriptures on your own. Holy Spirit is right there with you, bursting with excitement to take you on a new adventure with Him. Will you slip your hand in His and follow His leading? He’s yearning for your response to His invitation!

Before you even begin, shut your eyes as you sit with His precious book open in front of you. Engage the eyes of your heart, “looking to Jesus” (Heb. 12:2a). Purposefully ask Him to pour His Spirit in, over, and through you as you dig into His words. Express to Him that you need Him to show you what He has buried there for your unearthing.

Then, as you begin to read, go slowly. Don’t rush past any of the sentences. Pause thoughtfully over each one, listening for what Holy Spirit might speak to you about it. When something jumps out, highlight or underline it. If an extra thought about what that verse means comes to your mind, jot it down in the margin. Ruminate over the passage you are exploring. Don’t stress over how much ground you will cover that day – if Holy Spirit is all over three verses, then just stay on those three verses. Let them go deeper and deeper and deeper into your spirit.

In an article I recently read, a brother shared that he buys a new Bible every year in lieu of a journal. As he delves into the Word each day, he does all his reflective writing there in the margins. I thought that was an intriguing idea. The important thing, though, is to experiment with different tools for quarrying the gold mine hidden within every chapter of the Scriptures. When you find an approach that comes alive for you, glom onto it and make it yours forever!

As you chew on all of this, I have one more thought for you. I know in my spirit that Holy Spirit wants to impress on your heart new truth today. He desires to show you how eager He is to reveal to you the beauty, the depths, and the power of the Scriptures He has written for you. He is brimming over with enthusiasm to become your personal tutor in His Word. Even now, He is whispering to these loving words to you: “Heaven’s kingdom realm is accessible, close enough to touch” (Matt. 10:7b, TPT).

Open up His captivating book, and dive in!


What have you found works best for you, in helping you dive into the Scriptures regularly?


14 thoughts on “The Partnership of Word and Spirit

  1. Glad to be back after some internet issues of my own!

    A comment on one thing you wrote– yes it is very important to stop and stay with a passage as long as necessary when the Spirit highlights it for you. And sometimes it’s a passage you’ve read 100 times in the past, but you see something new that you are meant to digest TODAY. God always has a reason to do that to us! — Mike

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  2. Knowing our Beloved through reading the Word or just talking with Him does have its intimate moments and those more mundane. Truly it is like marriage. We often forget He is a living being with emotions and thoughts as we have. In the wonderful ebb and flow of life there is the settled place of knowing that regardless of the day we are together. So whether it is cake today or oatmeal at least we are together with our Beloved and He is enough. Enjoy this day whatever He brings and remember that just being with Him is the goal. Learn to celebrate this and every time you come together His word you will be blessed.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

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  3. As the deer pants for the fresh water to quench it’s thirst, so I to awake each morning, desiring more of father God’s words of life. I ask Spirit to keep my passion ever growing. When my mind is filled with God’s messages for me, I am able to see more clearly all He has prepared me for this day. Glorifying Him and sharing my love for Jesus is then made possible. Len Wisniewski
    [Please pray, Linda and I may be re-uniting after 16+ months apart- Thy will be done, Father]

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  4. Yes, Thank God for the coming to earth of God…..The Holy Spirit to live in each one of us. The Word is revealed through this written WORD by the Spirit. Jesus HIMSELF is the LIVING WORD. In this new covenant carved by His Blood we have a new and living way. The Word…..the Presence of God…the revelation of the Holy Spirit now all are ours because of Calvary. In this broken world we truly are beloved and blessed people. Live Life in and with Him and journey well each one of you. x

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  5. Great post. I think of God’s Word as one way we deepen our relationship with him. Just as we grow closer to a person by talking with them, sharing old pictures and hearing stories about their life journey, we learn more about God through the scriptures.

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  6. Great Post Jennifer; God bless you.
    Most at times in studying, the HolySpirit opens me up to other scriptures which turns to give me more understanding on what am studying.
    He teaches like no other.

    I think the mistake I make sometimes is not always acknowledging Him when I study; thanks for the reminder.

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