He’s Keeping You Safe

Praying in field

“Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy… be glory…” (Jude 24-25, ESV).

When you read this verse, is the focus on your ability to walk uprightly without tripping, or on God’s ability to keep you from stumbling?

It’s on Him! He is able!

God doesn’t want you to have more faith in your ability to mess things up, than in His ability to fix them. He is able! In His infinite wisdom and goodness, He can and will incorporate even your weaknesses and failings into His amazing plan to work all things together for your good. He is ever drawing you closer to His heart and perfecting all things that concern you.

Jude addresses this letter to “those who are called, beloved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ”(v. 1, ESV). That’s you, dear one.

  • You are called – He spoke out your name, marking you for Himself before you were even conceived.
  • You are beloved in Daddy God – He esteems you as precious as the blood of His Son.
  • And you are kept for Jesus – He is, right now, and for the rest of your life, exercising His mighty power to keep anyone or anything from snatching you out of His hand. You are preserved with exceeding great love for the wedding feast of the Lamb!

He is able! He will present you blameless before His throne when that glorious Day comes. HE will do this, and HE will receive all the glory!


Is it not amazing that NO ONE can steal you from Jesus??

7 thoughts on “He’s Keeping You Safe

  1. It’s funny Jennifer. When I read this I missed the stumbling bit and got stuck on the ‘present you blameless’ part. That presentation is before the Father. Like a groom introducing His beloved to the family. Wow! What an image. Hadn’t seen that before. After all this time of being prepared to be the Bride, being dragged backward through the keyhole to get ‘self’ off and prepare us for union and then to be presented as blameless. Just wow! Wanda had a great revelation the other day that sinless and blameless are two very different things. Because of our ‘self’ nature we always will sin, though many times not intentionally, but to be blameless means we are in right standing with Him. Only Jesus can do that in us. And to think He is in active anticipation of this time with great joy! Awesome Jennifer.

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