He Is Seeking You


“Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and seek diligently until she finds it?” (Luke 15:8, ESV).

As Christians, we hear frequent exhortations to seek the Lord. Indeed, seeking Him is the most vitally important thing we will ever do. However, did it ever occur to you to think that He is actively seeking you? This chapter in Luke presents no less than three parables to impart to us this very truth.

We first read about the shepherd who vigilantly sought his cherished lost sheep. Holy Spirit then invites us to contemplate how earnestly the owner of some treasure sought her precious lost coin. Finally, He conveys His heart to us about the yearning father who fervently sought his priceless lost son. All of this is His way of eagerly communicating to us: right now, in this very moment, Daddy God is seeking you.

He sought out Abraham for friendship. He sought out Moses. He sought out Isaiah, Jeremiah, and too many other individuals to be able to adequately address in this devotional. From the very beginning of time, through prophet after prophet, and book after book, He took the initiative in pursuing relationship with us. Today, with more urgency than ever before, He is drawing our hearts, calling us closer to Him.

This is why Jesus invaded our lonely, lost emptiness with His incarnation. He took the leap – from eternal, celestial bliss, to fallen, broken earth – in order to personally seek us out where we were. He knew we couldn’t find the way to Him, so He found the way to us.

He is seeking us. Continually, tirelessly, passionately, relentlessly, He is seeking us.

“Look! I have been standing at the door, and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with me” (Rev. 3:20, TLB).

Dear sought after one, will you open the door?


If you take a moment to reflect and ask the Holy Spirit to help you, can you identify evidences that show He is seeking you out personally?

19 thoughts on “He Is Seeking You

  1. Very true Jennifer. Few appreciate His passion, intensity and sheer doggedness in pursuing us.

    But after He has found, and rescued us, He then does something interesting. He gently and quietly takes a small step back. Much like a parent with a child who is learning to walk for the first time. Always there to catch us when we fall but far enough away to make us walk to Him.

    If we learn to walk to Him He then takes further steps back to see if we’ll follow Him. He always is there but He slowly turns the table until we find that we are the one relentlessly, passionately and fiercely pursuing Him.

    That is the burning love the Beloved has for us and He is asking us to have for Him.

    Great post Jennifer. I always love to read what wisdom the Father has given you.

    Homer Les

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  2. Jennifer, my sister in Christ. I am at the Library in my hometown, with another fellow sister in the Lord, and we just read together this piece.

    I had to respond to say a few words: There has been an evident transformation in your writing, the evidence and power is ALMIGHTY GOD. We prayed, and others have prayed, and that is the effectiveness of prayer, as you have prayed for us, and others, and committed your time and life to Serve Jesus Christ and as you love to say Papa Father Daddy God, Amen.

    We shall continue praying and interceding for all those, like yourself, as you shall as well, for the glory of Almighty God.

    Father God, Papa God, takes us deeper, bring us in more intimately closer to you Father, so that we who strive to serve you and do thy Will are sharpened and chiseled by the infinite and infallible WORD of your Son Jesus Christ. Let our Words be yours, let them Glorify you, testify about you, and bring you praise, we ask you this NOT IN THE NAME OF ANYONE ELSE, we ask you this in the name of the ONE WHO CREATED ALL THINGS IN EXISTENCE, AND WE ASK THIS IN PERFECT FAITH, PERFECT BECAUSE YOU ARE THE FOUNDATION OF OUR FAITH, AND BECAUSE YOU ARE THE FOUNDATION, THEN THERE IS NO DOUBT- NOT A SINGLE TRACE IN ANY PLACE WITHIN US, IT HAS ALL BEEN REMOVED, SHATTERED AND OBLITERATED, AND IN ITS PLACE IS OUR PERFECTED FAITH AND TRUST IN YOU ALONE.


    Thanks sister for all the work, and may this mighty blessing above fall upon you, and all of your work and ministries, as well as those reading, may it light fires for Christ.

    SOMEBODY CALL THE FIREMAN!! HA HA.. not really.. this fire you dont want to put out.. somebody pray and ask God to blow the wind!! amen.

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    1. Thank you so very much, Ben! I am truly grateful for your prayers, and that you would take the time to share from your heart here. We say yes and amen! Father, let your Holy Spirit fire consume us, for You are a consuming fire of love!

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  3. I love to contemplate the Lord seeking us because after all He is everywhere all the time! Some may choose to ignore this or deny it, but that doesn’t change the truth. The heart of God is always seeking: the lost to bring them to Him, those who do know Him to follow Him more closely and all the other limitless ways He calls us to Him.
    I have often taught on Revelation 3:20 being sure to note the importance of the sequence: Jesus calls, we are to hear Him and then open the door. Our responsive heart is what He is after.

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  4. Great encouragement always.
    Ben Madly who commented above has intriqued me.
    Indeed we who are WRITERS must in the days we live let God use our Pens to ENCOURAGE others and proclaim the GOSPEL. The simple Gospel with passion and TRUTH. Indeed God is constantly ‘seeking our the lost’. Jesus paid the price for ALL BROKEN HUMANITY. His shed blood on the Cross completed the atoning sacrifice set out from ages, and ages past…..The sinless Lamb of God to take away the sins of the whole world. Oh indeed yes, listen to His Voice as He still calls to all who will hear Him. He is seeking for the lost in every dark and fallen place. We are called no matter what our age to be PASSIONATE about what we write, say or where we go if we LOVE HIM.

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    1. Thank you my sister in Christ. Father, bless her hand with YOUR WORD, and may YOUR WORD FLOW ABUNDANTLY LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM AS IT CLEANSES, RESTORES, REVIVES, THRIVES, BRINGING BACK THOSE FROM THE BRINK OF DEATH BY THE RESURRECTION POWER OF JESUS CHRIST- THROUGH FAITH, BELIEF, ANF TRUST. In Jesus name, we pray, amen. Thank u sister for the inspiration, God bless.

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