Better by Far

Flowers, light, girl

“Teach us how short our lives really are so that we may be wise.” (Ps. 90:12, NCV).

One of my highest joyful thoughts is to imagine the moment that I breathe my last breath in this body. Sometimes the Holy Spirit hovers over this picture in such an overwhelmingly beautiful way that burning tears spill out of my eyes. To imagine the sacred hour when I finally slip into the bliss of eternity… I wait for this with unspeakable anticipation.

Now don’t worry. I am not severely depressed or wishing for an escape. The truth is simply that Jesus has captivated my heart with the reality of heaven’s breathtaking goodness.

This is the place where my spirit lives:

“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain… having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better” (Phil. 1:21, 23, NKJV).

– and –

“The day you die is better than the day you are born” (Eccl. 7:1b, NLT).

Meditating on our mortality is actually extremely life-giving. In fact, Psalm 90:12 (above) encourages us to earnestly pray for heart-level revelation of how brief and fleeting the span of our days is on earth. To carry around in our souls the awareness that our years will, indeed, come to an end – this is really living!

We are only passing through here. The real deal begins once our heart beats for the very last time. Whatever trial we are enduring, no matter how painful – will one day look infinitesimally small in the light of the immeasurable blessedness completely enveloping our beings. Whatever earthly joy we might be currently relishing – will likewise appear dim and colorless compared to the absolute ecstasy then flooding all of our senses ceaselessly!

We were made to live for heaven. I breathe in a deep sigh of relief when my spirit once again grasps this truth: there are a finite, measurable number of days between right now and when I see Jesus face to face. Each day that I live is one less that I have to wait to be in His arms!


Is heaven real to you?



21 thoughts on “Better by Far

  1. Jennifer, there is definitely a heavenly place waiting for those who have accepted God’s gift of grace and acknowledge Christ as their Savior.

    Psalm 90:12 speaks to me with greater meaning now because it brings me much peace in the sunset years of my life.

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  2. Jennifer, the reality of HEAVEN can only be grasped by those who believe in GOD and accept His Word as the only reliable Truth. As I look around, I see youth and their fervent desire for “life”. I see those who look at their world as providing all of their needs. I see the elderly and those stricken with illness and without provision and many have HOPE. My quest is to be a light, a glimmer of the reality of eternity and the means to be with the Father forever. Make me to be so, Lord, for each day You provide me with. Amen Len W.

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  3. Oh, yes. Low humidity, a gentle breeze, maybe high 70’s or so, a peaceful cloud or two in the sky. I think we all carry a human’s idea of perfect peace, but heaven will far surpass anything we can dream about! And we get glimpses of it during this life, when we are especially cognizant of His presence. We are indeed passing through toward a paradise which will never end. — Mike

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  4. I love everything you say here Jennifer❣️ I may have seen a glimpse of heaven in a dream when I was a young girl. I saw beautiful white daisies with flower heads that seemed to be the size of dinner plates. The petals exuded rays of light. I was told I would come back some day to see what was beyond the bank of daisies-where my little boat had stopped after journeying down a long and dark way. As the days and years pass I find myself thinking more about heaven. Listening to accounts of those who have died and been there briefly, is one of my favorite things to do- Henry Gruver’s account is so neat! I hope to know Father God and Jesus ever dearer in preparation for the day I see them when I depart this earthly realm.

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    1. Wow! Your dream sounds so very, very special and beautiful, Ann! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. AMEN to that longing — I share it!!

      I’ve read quite a number of those kinds of accounts, but not heard of Henry Gruver’s. I’ll have to look that one up. What is the name of it?


      1. ;-D
        Henry Gruver Six Hours In Heaven Parts 1 and 2 or Henry Gruver: After Death Trip Theough Outer Space. I like how he was given a little tour of outer space to see planets and more. Another one is-Testimony of Heaven Oden Hetrick. To me they both check out to be genuine.

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